Sunday, December 7, 2014

Life in Love

I can't believe Lyle and I have been married more than a year...almost 15 months actually. It seriously flies and I just wish I could pause things for a minute. Since Lyle is leaving me tomorrow for a week of work I thought I would show him a little love by posting all the things I love about him lately. He always does so much for me and I love to write these to him so I can always remember the little things, because I love to write and because he deserves it. So if you aren't a fan of mushy love you can skip this post! Lyle got me these beauties in Ireland and I wear them every single day! I absolutely love them. Lyle is definitely the doting husband type- like my dad is for my mom & all I can say is I got dang lucky. Whether it be a sold out lipstick, a killer cyber monday deal on a pmd or an amazing dinner for FHE he never fails to disappoint. 
My mom said Murphy looked bored in this picture haha. This picture cracks me up because Lyle really should be holding a baby but this is our little family right now and I saw a whole album of a couple who took pictures with their dog like it was their baby and it was definitely something I would do. Also Lyle thinks this picture is embarrassing and it is but the reason that it is on this list is because he did it anyway. Murphy wasn't super cooperative during our Christmas photo shoot but Lyle was. I am just really starting to wish it would snow here guys...
 Lyle started a juice fast and has included me in it...and honestly some of them are disgusting but Lyle keeps drinking all of them so he can get his 6 pack for Cancun. He is so focused on his goals and inspires me to do the same and try new things because honestly I would have never picked to do it on my own. I make faces and it takes me half the day to drink one but hey I'm doing it guys! 
 Last week Lyle brought me breakfast in bed 3 times! He made crepes all by himself. I have never even made crepes so I was super impressed! He kept telling me he was sorry it didn't look good but guys, it has speculoos in it and it sure tasted good. I could sleep all day honestly but I love when Lyle wakes me up with food. He's so happy and excited about a little kid. & if Lyle decides to ever sleep in then I will make him breakfast in bed.
& going one step further with the treats he loves to surprise me with some of my favorite things! In this case, a caramel apple spice!
Lyle took me on the trip of a lifetime to Europe. For those of you who are sick of all the instagrams I'm sorry but I love looking at the pictures. Everyday I wish we could go back to having no service, not knowing anyone and just relying on each other. Lyle is so down with anything and I love being with him. I can't wait to take Lyle on the next trip. I am working tons right now before I'm back in school so I can take Lyle to one of the places he really wants to go to! 
 We went rock climbing with these two pros recently and it was such a fun date night! I've gone a couple times but Lyle never has. I don't think he really wanted to but he ended up trying it and really liking it. Surprise surprise he was amazing at it, as usual. I really love finding new things we like to do together and I like that we will try anything once.
 I love when Lyle does impressions of me. 
I love how amazing Lyle is with babies. Lyle isn't nervous to hold them and does so well with all of our friends babies. I like to listen to him talking to Elsie too, it cracks me up. He thinks he's not ready to be a dad but when I watch him with the babies I know he is.
 I rescued this baby dove and Lyle drove him almost an hour to a bird sanctuary so they could help heal his wing and hopefully save him. Lyle wasn't even mad that I stored him in our bathroom all night and he would even check on him.
 Lyle always tucks me in at night. He turns on my fan if I'm already in bed and says the sweetest prayers. He is also the cuddler of the relationship but I mean who wouldn't want to cuddle with this.
 He's also getting me these beauties for Christmas. Thanks babe ;)JK they're sold out

Thanks for everything you do Lyle. Thanks for working so hard to be the main provider, encouraging me to do whats right, making me laugh, helping me with the dishes, supporting my dreams and painting our wall. I love you!

Love, Cait

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