Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Let them eat cake.

Or cupcakes...& dozens of them too. 
A birthday isn't really a birthday without cupcakes if you ask me & that is a new phrase I have decided to live by & because of this mom & dad mailed me Georgetown Cupcakes!! I had planned on sharing until I decided to take a bite out of half of them...& then realized I could no longer share them. Birthdays are fantastic! Why? Sephora gives me a free gift, I got a buy one get one free coupon from Orange Julius, Redbox wished me a happy birthday but was stingy and didnt give me a free movie code this year...even google knew it was my birthday. People kindly send you texts, cards, call you & write you nice things. People honk at you when you're running because they know its your birthday too. or lets pretend they know...and you can pretty much do anything you want.
 My birthday started out beautifully at 11:58 the night before where I asked Lyle to play 22 by T. Swift and we all danced around...and by we I mean mainly Murphy & I haha. I was so sad to be losing my theme song but I'm sure I will find a new one for this year. Then, Lyle let me open one of my presents since technically it was my birthday & we both know how impatient I get when it comes to presents. The next morning, Lyle woke me up with breakfast in bed. My birthday is probably the only day of the year where if you wake me up I am unbelievably happy...any other day & that was a big mistake. I was all smiley because this unbelievably attractive man was handing me food AND I still got to lay in bed. Bonus. Then he excitedly told me to come out to the living room where he had gotten me roses & balloons. A knock came at the door & I got one of my presents from the best parents ever! Hunter wellies.
Murphy photobombs everything, he obv thought it was his birthday
 Anyway then I got to open another present! 
Obviously i LOVE monograms...
Then we finished frosting the cake. Oh my is this cake amazing. I love pumpkin & found this cake on pinterest and it was phenomenal. Since it wasn't a box cake I decided to help Lyle who told me "you can't make your own birthday cake!"....even if i like to? So I just helped. You can find the recipe here & if you love pumpkin you wont be disappointed!
Then Lyle told me he was taking me to get a manicure & pedicure! So after we went to that & Lyle sat next to me the whole time he sadly had to go to work but he had scheduled me a massage so I went to the gym & then went and got my wonderful hour long massage. Massages are hands down my favorite thing ever. If I could get one once a day I definitely would. Lyle is so sweet & offers to give me one almost every day so I was surprised that he had booked one! When I came back I got ready & went to a wives activity & Kaley had made me cupcakes & all the wives sang to me which was really sweet. Afterwards Kaley & I went shopping at the mall! Neither of us got anything but it was a lot of fun! I also got a package from home with some more gifts! Thanks to the Mcgovern fam and my parents. Afterwards I waited for Lyle to get home & kinda fell asleep haha but then he came home & Lyle sang to me and I opened presents and it was an amazing birthday. I even wore this amazing dress because for real when can you wear whatever you want and be over the top?! Oh, Murph & I had a photoshoot as well. He loved it.
Lyle thinks its funny Murphy is rejecting me here haha
Murphy was freaked out by the balloons and proceeded to bark at them...every time he went into the living room...exhibit A:
or hide..
 but eventually he conquered them..
  & its a good thing hes cute...
Since Lyles job sucks on my birthday & he got home so late we are doing a big dinner this weekend and celebrating again! Lyle calls it my "birthday week" & I realized how lucky I was to marry someone who appreciates birthdays as much as me. He even tried to make a monogram on my cake...
hahaha what a cutie. Maybe we will try it again next year. Lyle got me some amazing presents on top of treating me so well all day. Some blinged out nikes, which were my favorite, a jcrew necklace, some leopard heels, a jacket I picked out for Europe & more! Just when I thought I was all done he leaves the room and comes back with a little box. I opened it & he had gotten me a Tiffanys arrow necklace I had showed him once forever ago but I didn't even ask for it. I was in complete shock.

I was so sad to be away from my family for my first birthday ever! We are so close & I love spending that time with them. I was NOT happy Lyle had to work so late but he still tried to make the best of things. He tried texting me throughout the day to make sure it was going well & treats me like a princess. He make me breakfast in bed and sits with me while I get my nails done all the time. He is always surprising me with flowers or presents so the only difference was everyone else treated me great as well. Its so hard not to brag about him all day every day so people don't punch me...or throw up. He is an amazing husband & I am so grateful he's all mine. Thank you for making me feel so special not only on my birthday but every single day as well peanut. & thank you to my amazing friends & family. I love every single one of you & appreciate every little bit. Sometimes its easy to forget or not send a text & I admit I forget at times so it means the world. 
XOXO a very blessed Cait XOXO 

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