Thursday, September 18, 2014

Hello Goodbye Utah

We got to take a trip to Utah for a couple days this week & I'm missing it so much already. I LOVE Utah. Recently Heather reminded me how much I did not want to "get stuck" in Utah when I first moved out here & now I hate to leave it. I would love to build a southern style dream home with beautiful mountains as our backdrop here. Heres a picture overload from our short & sweet trip.

 We got to see lots of Lyles family, from Great Grandparents to Aunt Janet to Grandparents and more. It was so fun catching up with all of them after almost 5 months! We went because we had a lot of loose ends to tie up but we did lots of exploring, which is my favorite. I love hiking, being outdoors and going on adventures with my favorite person. I have a huge list of all the fun things we have to do in Utah and I'm glad we got to cross some things off.  I wanted to fit in some last minute Summer activities because the next time we are back in Utah it will be mid November and probably snowy. So we went up a bunch of canyons this trip...starting with AF canyon anddd it was beautiful
the lighting is off here but I still love this picture
We got to go play in Spanish Fork canyon with my in laws too & it was a blast. We went 4 wheeling up the canyon and had a mini picnic- it was seriously so fun
Rob photobombing us
I love this picture of Lyle w/ his cute parents!
Then Rob & Stace pointed out this little swing & we had to try it out. I'm feeling a little like Julia Roberts in Runaway Bride here.
Then we went to see one of Lyles closest friends new baby! Meet baby Elsie, only 10 days old!
She is absolute perfection. I just stared at her the whole time. And I know I say this everytime I post a picture of Lyle holding a baby, but he looks 10x hotter. Oh my goshhhh
Then we met up with my beautiful cousin who just started her first semester at BYU! I am so excited to have her so close to us because we absolutely love her! I've loved having a cousin so close to me growing up, we have so many similar interests and she's tons of fun. Our initial plan was the Cocoa Bean which is one of my favorite cupcake places but they ran out of cupcakes! What?! So Lyle took us to one of his favorite crepe places and it was super yummy!
Then the next morning we explored Payson canyon & hiked up to the Grotto. It was just a little hike but it was pretty cool!
Then we went and took our one year anniversary photos and I am seriously so excited to get them back!! I am dying of anticipation over here. After that we celebrated with an early anniversary dinner at the Tree Room up at Sundance. It was amazinggg. SUPER expensive so it's gonna be for extremely special occasions but it was such a perfect atmosphere. They took care of our dessert and the staff was the best that I have ever had. 
I miss home so much. I loved being back in my own bed and the perfect view from our window but I feel so blessed to have so many opportunities and such great family and friends around us. I wish we could have stayed a couple more days to fit in all the things we wanted to do and all the people we wanted to see but I am excited for whats next! This time next week we will be in Italy!! I will probably be posting lots with all thats coming up for us...esp some lovey pictures since its our one year and all coming up. Oh and heres one of Murphy because I missed him so!
Love, Cait

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