Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Thug Life Shirts

Here's to the period in our lives where we live out of suitcases for months....hence me not being able to find clothes and put outfits together and basically living in workout clothes. But it's okay because I actually love living in hotels. Cheers to our LAST full week in Texas. Oh my gosh. Lyle asked me the other day if I felt like the Summer flew by and it most definitely did not. But I have loved this time together exploring a new city and I am so happy to support him in any way that I can. My days lately have been spent working out, trying to repack so we have less boxes (remind me next Summer to pack 1/3 of what I did) and planning our upcoming fun adventures. Lyle is gonna hit his goal and we will be in Utah on Sunday for a couple days to meet with counselors, do anniversary pictures, take tons of suitcases back and grab warmer threads for some East Coast and Europe weather. Then pack to Texas for a couple more days of selling & we are off! On a side note, I CAN NOT BELIEVE OUR ONE YEAR IS NEXT WEEK. Be prepared for a picture overload.

Oh and on a side note I LOVE this skirt. I first saw it but it sold out super fast and when it came back I snagged it because at Brickyard Buffalo the price is always right. P.S. I'm not even endorsed to say that, I seriously just love their stuff so much. I just ordered the most perfect fur vest I have been wanting for months and months. But anyway this skirt isn't lined so I had to wear a slit underneath but thats no problem. When I first saw it, it was styled as a coverup over a swimsuit and I initially planned on wearing it as one but it can be worn so many ways. For Summer it can be paired with floral and bright colored tops and then transitioned into Fall with blazers, cardigans and leather jackets. I bought a small but its a little more snug than my usual smalls just FYI. Oh and I had planned on wearing the cutest red pumps I scored for $8 at Platos Closet but well I bit by an ant or something and my foot is 3 times its normal size so I had to settle for flats I can barely fit in but hey, things happen. Anyway this wifey tee is cheaper than the ones all the fashion bloggers have because well I don't like to pay an arm and a leg for a tee but I basically live in this tee. I got it over a year ago and I wear it more than any tee I own. I love that I can wear it for date night and glam it up with some necklace and red lipstick but I can also wear it to sleep (because I do that too haha). Whatever works. I got it in a small and its not skin tight. The way I tied it below gives it a different look but I usually just wear it without the knot and its way comfy. Oh and this blazer? $10. I already blogged about it once but I just love Utah boutiques. I posted a great alternative for only $39. A blazer can dress up any outfit. Anyway thanks for stopping by, it really means a lot. If there are certain things you want to see styled or certain items you are looking for, feel free to let me know. 
It's All In The Details...
P.S on this website I found a 15% off code here on another blog.  Simplyclarke15. 
Skirt: Brickyard Buffalo similar in navy and more sizes here 
Purse: Kate Spade- check ebay
Red Sandals: Forever 21 almost exact ones here & I LOVE these
Blazer: NestonMain in Springville, UT similar here ON SALE $39

Love, Cait

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