Saturday, January 17, 2015

New Year, New Adventures

 We have been so busy over here. This semester I am going to school full time, doing 50 hours of field experience, working towards my fitness goal every day and this week I worked almost 30 hours. Uh yeah I'm dead. But sometimes it ends with me getting a promotion at work this week so hey, I will take it! Since I barely go home on Thursdays and Fridays Lyle has been doing some sales trips.

This year Lyle and I created an adventure bucket list- a lot of things we want to do in Utah- day trips, weekend getaways, places to eat and our trips we want to go on. Together we have narrowed down our big trips for the year and I can't wait to tell you all about them! 

This year I decided to have more productive "me" time. The key word being productive. Dance classes to help get in shape and then try out for the Jazz dance team! I love dance and I have missed having a company and dancing with all my friends. Also, attend the temple weekly like I did when I met Lyle. My roomies and I went around 15 weeks in a row and then God placed Lyle in my life...RIGHT AFTER. The temple brings blessings, truth. Hang out with positive people who make me happy. Be the best wifey and try not to take out my stress on Lyle. Ya know all the usual stuff. Anyway enough of this here's some pictures. 
Love, Cait

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