Saturday, June 20, 2015


I will forever cherish our memories from those 6 weeks in Europe. Switzerland was the first stop after Italy and as we were driving into I was falling in love. These first few pictures were from the car as we were coming in. As we started winding up the mountain we kept getting out everywhere to take was like Utah, but on crack. Lyle loved all the ferraris, mazzeratis and other fancy cars that I can't spell the names of. Then theres us in our little dinky car just enjoying the scenery. These cars were FLYING around the windy high up roads and it was freaking us out. All the homes looked like they were straight out of Disney or something. They had pretty little writing and beautiful flowers and I loved them. Switzerland is pretty much like I imagined, sheep and farms everywhere, beautiful views and the water is like a turquoise color. If you ask Lyle about it today he will swear they put something in it for it to look that perfect. The language barrier was a little more difficult here than in Italy believe it or not. We never knew where we could park and we didn't have their currency either. We walked into a little restaurant and the lady spoke English and told us where to park but when we came back to ask about the food and things that lady was nowhere to be found and the girl didn't speak English and kept looking at us like we were crazy sooo we got food at a little market place. After trying to explain wifi to the cashier for a couple minutes she finally goes "ohhh weefee." Haha we were just pronouncing it wrong and she had no idea what we were talking about. We stopped in Intelstat and stayed in Interlaken and explored Grindelwald. Our first stay in a hostel was a success! We lucked out with a room full of couples who were super nice. 

-pack a lock and towels and some bedding if youre going the hostel route. (some places have bedding but you have to pay extra and if you plan on traveling around you'll have to pay for it a lot. One or two places did have bedding)
-obviously its cheaper the more people you have in your room and you pay per person, even if you are sharing the same bed (which we chose to do so I felt safer, gotta love those twin beds!)
-first flyer may say its just 27 euros but they don't tell you how pricey it is to ride the life up and down. Yowza. You can hike to the top yourself but it takes 3 hours and we got there later on in the day and didn't have time. 
-you need a different sticker to drive through each country- you can usually just get them at the gas station as you cross into each country- Switzerlands was pretty pricey at 30-40 euros but you should most definitely drive through Switzerland 
We got to do the first flyer which was on my bucket list! It was pretty cool but not as scary as I thought it would be.
We ate chinese food on this little bench overlooking this cool mini golf course beneath the mountains. It wasn't anything fancy but I remember it perfectly.
what a freakin babe.
Lyles dad insisted we try the apple streudel and I am SO happy we did. The food in each country was one of my favorite parts.
I can not wait to go back here again. Honestly if its not on your list you should add it. One of our favorite parts of the whole trip was driving through those mountains. 
love, cait

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