Sunday, July 19, 2015

Currently Crushing

1. Cake Batter Chapstick
every bit as amazing as it sounds too. I've had this for about a month and it still smells AMAZING. 
2. Charlie Puth
I really enjoy Marvin Gaye. Random right. I quote his song lyrics quite frequently actually so when I heard this song on the radio the other day I was in love. Definitely not a PG song by any means but it gives me major dirty dancing and old school vibes (the beat is insane) and its SUPER catchy, like stuck in my head for 3 days and I can't get rid of it catchy... anyway Charlie Puth sings this and if you're wondering where you've heard that name, he also sings another song I am obssessed with right now- See You Again with Wiz Khalifa
3. New Forever 21 Happenings
Besides the fact that some of these new happenings are expensive...Forever 21 is upping it's game. I'm talking Dolce Vita here people. All sorts of new merchandise like this beautiful modest dress below. Hellooo I am in love. Now just go on sale please. 
4. Sweet Potato Hash
Let's all just take a moment to say thank you to the creator of Pinterest. So a couple of my old roomies and I have a Wives Club (yes that's a thing ha) & at our most recent one this was made and ITS AMAZING. First off, I don't even like sweet potatoes... Second off, its so unbelievably easy. I only like scrambled eggs so I substituted those instead. I linked it to a recipe but you honestly don't even need one. Just a little oil, some premade sausage I cut up, sweet potatoes and scrambles eggs and since I didn't have any rosemary or thyme on hand I used italian seasoning and it was just as good and took 5 minutes. Also, my friend said it qualified for the Paleo diet so there's that.
I never had time for Netflix...and I still don't but this has been consuming all the little extra time I have...or rather the time when I should be sleeping. If you've seen it you know what the hype is all about and if you haven't just watch one episode. You can thank me later. I am still thanking Maddie.
6. TripAdvisor 
Did you know you can watch flights? Well I had heard about it but I signed up recently and I am getting some great deals on flights in my inbox. We have a lot we are doing this Fall and we are pretty flexible on when so when a price drops heading to my desired destination I know about it. You just put in where you wanna go and out what airport and voila. 
image from
7. Floral Print
Cant stop, wont stop. At this point I may have too much floral in my wardrobe.. (is there even such a thing though?!) It is definitely safe to say I am obsessed. 
Wanna find the best florals? Asos,, Poppyanddot (instagram with paypal)
8. Taylor Swifts New Album
For all you Taylor haters have you really listened to some of the songs? Bc I bet it will be hard to still dislike her. It's okay, you guys can totally change your minds, no body is gonna judge you...she's pretty awesome. I've seen Taylor in concert and she is nothing short of perfection. It's really just a fun show with costumes and good music. She is coming to SLC in September and I want someone to get pit tickets with me, if not poor Jessie is going to have to fly all the way out to see it w/ me again  because I HAVE to go. 

It seems like forever since I've done this post but there you have it. If anyone wants to share their new obsessions I will be happy to fall in love with new things. 
love, cait

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