Sunday, July 19, 2015


Some of these pictures date back to April but I have been hard at work seeing all of beautiful Utah. I thought it would be fun to share my Utah bucket list in case anyone is getting bored and wants some fun new ideas or if anyone has anything to add! 
This is a picture I took on my iphone!

-Flaming Gorge
-Squaw Peak Hike (no dogs allowed)
-Salem Ponds
-Mystic Hot Springs
-BYU Stadium Farmers Market (Starts july 30th)
-Goblin Valley
-Stewart Falls 
-Hogle Zoo
-Ensign Peak Hike
-Spanish Fork Hot Springs
-Utah State Fair- September
-Wind Caves (in Logan)
-Swiss Days
-Strawberry Reservoir
-Bear Lake Raspberry Days
-Rooftop Concerts
-Sundance Outdoor Theater
-Alpine Slide
-Rodeos (seriously every week)
-Timp caves
-Hike Timp
-Tube Provo River
-Drive in Movie
-Mona Rope Swing
-Manti Pageant (missed it)
-7 peaks
-Ruths Diner
-Real Salt Lake Game
-Watch the Sunset at Utah Lake
-National Parks
-Capitol Reef 
-The Wave (if I can ever get a permit!)
-Lake Powell
-Bryce Canyon (but not w/ Lyle yet!)
-Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument
-Hike the Y (like every day...)
-Eat at Brumbys (get the rootbeer wings)
- Donut Falls
-Antelope Island
-Eat at Bear Claw Lodge
-Station 22 Cafe
-Eat at Family Tree (Lyle keeps talking about their scones!)
-Spanish Fork Reservoir
-Scenic Full Moon Ride Lift (Sept)
-See Beauty and the Beast at Tuachan (Sept/Oct)
-Movies in the Park (UVU does this as do most parks)
-Color Run (Aug 22)
-Dirty Dash 10k (Sept 19)
-Marathon (Sept 5th)
-Cecret Lake
-Lone Peak hike
-Silver Lake 
-Bells Canyon hike
-Willow Lake Hike
-White Pine Lake hike
-Desolation hike
-Red Pine Lake Hike
-Lake Mary trio hike
-Eat at Bear Paw Cafe (St. George- this wasn't on my list bc I've eaten there but its amazing!!)
-A session at all the LDS temples
-Bruges Waffles and Frites
-Food Truck Roundup

Ensign Peak "Hike"
Hogle Zoo
Antelope Island
Spanish Fork Hot Springs
Payson Temple Open House
Evening Y Hike
Stewart Falls
Brumbys Root Beer Wings
Mona Rope Swing
Summer is flying guys- go have fun!
Love, Cait

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