Thursday, September 10, 2015

When Mom & Dad Come to Visit

I love when anyone comes to visit me honestly, but when it's my mom & dad it's even better! I love to plan and host so its fun to take them to places I know they will love and do things they can only do in Utah. Mom and dad visited at the end of July and as soon as I picked them up from breakfast I took them to Ruths Diner up Emigration Canyon. I had never been and it was on a list of places you had to eat at in Utah so we went! I got banana bread french toast which was really good but super heavy. We ate out back of the trolley car and it was beautiful. There were these big trees and the weather was great and we all loved it! (I'm still missing a couple pictures but once I find my camera chip I'll add them.)
Then I took mom and dad on a little hike up to the Brighton Lakes! I had also never been on this hike and it was absolutely stunning!
my dad befriending all the cute little chipmunks
feeding them my applesauce...
they were going insane over it.
I took mom and dad to the food truck roundup 
And to the Spanish Fork Rodeo! A couple years ago when mom was out here for my engagements and bridal shower, she went with Lyle and I but this year it was fun to take my dad to his first rodeo! He loved every minute of it! (as I knew he would). Rodeos are one of my favorite things. Afterwards we watched fireworks!
We got up and went to a car show the next morning. No pictures of that but then I took my mom and dad up to Sundance where we rode the lift to the very top to go to the Bear Claw Cafe. We got the nachos and they were really bad so if you go, you should most definitely take your own picnic! THe views from each side were incredible.
We went to Ruby River, mom and dad got to see where I work and spend some much needed time with me. I am already anticipating the next time they get to come out!
Love, Cait

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