Tuesday, March 23, 2010

i am so relieved you have manners..now on to princesses.

I was leaving this meeting today and i was one of the last people and this guy was leaving, so i asked where he parked and it was in the opposite parking lot...but he was so niceee. he goes ill walk you i dont want someone to steal you, haha he said this numerous times. He walked me all the way to my car and held doors for me as we walked. Now the boy doesnt like me because he has a girlfriend, which even more shows hes just a nice guy. hahahaha i just want to thank his mother for raising a boy with manners and teaching him to be chivalrous. Actually i want to thank all the mothers of boys with manners. I have always thought manners were required and everybody had them until i woke up and went into the real world and most boys def do not. Now not just singling guys out because girls need them too but i have always just felt guys would be so much smarter if they used them. When i hear a guy curse at a girl or do something very rude in my head i am making a mental note that he will never be a potential boyfriend...ever. I want to send out a memo to these boys and tell them how useful manners are, someone needs to warn them. But girls can be to blame, like when you settle for a guy whos rude and treats you bad...because he thinks thats acceptable and btw there is always a better guy out there...just fyi. I just had to really discuss how i feel about manners.

SO i was also informed theres a new princess? I would love to know how this happened...did a bunch of people just get together and vote...did the other princesses want a new girl at sleepovers. really? I honestly just learned all the names and stories of the others and now theres a new one. Is this really legit? I dont know why the fact that there is a new princess stresses me so much but i just dont like it. Its like changing Jasmines name to Jordan, you just cant do it. Someone should have sent out a poll...i guess we have to add her to this princess poem i love so much...

"Cinderella walked on broken glass

Sleeping beauty let a whole life pass

Belle fell in love with a hideous beast

Jasmine married a common theif

Ariel walked on land for love and life

Snow white barely escaped a knife

It was all about blood sweat and tears

Because love means facing your biggest fears."


new princess just doesnt fit
on the outside she will sit
- i guess this will be her line to this great poem...princess..whats her name?

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