Saturday, June 11, 2011

oh hey eternal companion

One day in relief society, we were talking about what we wanted in our future spouse and my room mate millie showed me her list of things she wanted and it inspired me to actually write mine down, because i've always had a list but i wanted to actually have things written down. It was always way general too, be funny, nice and smart but i wanted to make it more specific to myself.
so here ya go
- someone who laughs at the ridiculous things i say and doesnt think im stupid (because im not)..-just blunt
-someone who humors me and the silly things i say and do
-someone who is always smiling and stays positive
-someone who looks good in a suit/shirt and tie
-someone who isnt afraid to look, act or be silly with...someone spontaneous
-a worthy priesthood holder who respects it, who does his home teaching, who goes to the temple and who wants a temple marriage
-someone who has a passion for traveling just like me
-someone who has a love for children and animals, esp dogs because i want lots
-someone who supports my shoe addiction :) my goals, passions, wants and ambitions
-someone who inspires me, and makes me want to be a better person
-someone who is my best friend and secret keeper
-someone who thinks my flaws-impacient, stubborn and quick to anger/annoyedness are what makes me me and he doesnt judge me for them
-someone who will forever make me laugh and smile because i love to
-someone who knows im extremely close to my family and wants to be around them just as much as i do.
-someone who is romantic and charming and treats me like a princess
-someone who will share the responsibilities with me
-someone i trust
-someone who likes sports as much as i do, someoneone outgoing, outdoorsy and confident
& on a shallow note-someone tall, dark and handsome who is taller than me so i can wear my 4-5 inch heels

thanks mill :)

so if theres a guy out there who meets the lengthy requirements hook a sista up and yes i can be as picky as i want since im spending eternity with him

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