Monday, March 18, 2013

when nay comes to visit...

Sometimes your little sister comes out to visit and you are so excited bc shes never visited before and you map out all these fun things to do with her but you realize theres not enough time in one week to get it all done :/ but anyway you help make a bomb dinner and then she gets stuck in Arizona for days...and by days i mean til midnight...when she was supposed to get in at about 2:30...
sometimes your boyfriend takes you to pick her up and youre all nervous that they wont hit it off and he goes "i might need to take another lap around-i'm so nervous"...he was kidding of course. and then sometimes you think its a good idea to hike the Y so you get together a group and decide to hike it. But then sometimes it turns into a competition and you want to speed up the mountain but no one else is down...and then sometimes you get to the top and it turns into a full blown photo shoot...but before that Nay manages to drop her phone down the Y-but spidey steve was able to scale down it and save the phone
lyle and his soon to be sister ;)
cute face ly
and then sometimes you go to dinner with your boyfriends family to chilis and nay says "youre getting a really good family" and i agree. sometimes unflattering pictures like this are taken...and you dont know why you are posting it again...on your blog. and sometimes you all decide to go see Wreck it Ralph at the dollar theater and by all you definitely dont mean yourself and sometimes you have the worst headache and arent super into the movie until..."oorreo, oreo" and then you cant stop laughing and laughing and its loud and lyle tries to whisper shhh but he doesnt wanna sound like a jerk and you realize youre prob embarrassing him but oh well. Nay got to go shopping, lyle brought over his oldschool nintendo games and put her in heaven, i made her breakfast since we were too lazy to go to kneaders and just got to hang out...And then sometimes you decide to go on a roadtrip :)....
sorry about the picture overload
xoxo Cait xoxo

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