Tuesday, March 19, 2013

what happens in vegas

will most definitely not stay in vegas. just fyi
Never have i ever-been on a roadtrip (with anyone besides family)
been to California
been to Vegas
been to Disney Land
put my foot in the Pacific Ocean
or spent 4 days straight with lyle....up until 2 days ago.
Hows that for trying to doing something for the first time everyday? Crossed a bunch of fun stuff off my list :)
We got up pretty early Wednesday-we as in my roomie Shannon, my sista Shannon and my man, to start our roadtrip. yeah, it got a bit confusing...My roomies man was supposed to come as well but he ended up just meeting us in Cali but we all still wanted Lyle along and i'm sure Lyle was just dying to listen to some tswift and bond with us ;) The ride down was full of the best roadtripping games a person could think of-thanks to my room mate, and a food stop in St Jeezy. We arrived in Vegas and i loved it instantly! Still doesnt surpass my love for New York but its up there. We stayed in the Stratosphere- which in my opinion was one of the coolest hotels there.
My top 5 parts of the trip:
1. ring shopping at Tiffanys
2. 'tis a secret ;) 
3. Laying out at the stratosphere and getting SUN
4.having the best meal ever with my cousin & his family
5. the new york hotel
Day 1:We went shopping and sight seeing- i am amazed at all we managed to cram into one day. Lyle even wanted to go into Tiffanys-yes lyle, but it had nothing to do with my eyes getting big, my pointing and saying Tiffanys!...nothing to do with it at all... and then I picked out the prettiest ring ever! We were sold until they told us the price and then we said well goodbye, its been fun.We went into the Venetian hotel, the Paris hotel, saw the Bellagio Fountains, the Mirage show, were treated to an amazing dinner with my cousin Jeremy, his wife Monica and their beautiful girls, grabbed a frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity 3 -loveee it, got to go to the top of the stratosphere for free! since we stayed there...i watched lyle gamble (responsibly!) where he won $20 but the guy next to us lost $1,000 in 5 minutes...ouch...It was such a different experience- you hear so many bad things about Vegas but i loved it!
imitators from the Hangover were everywhere! these guys were the best :)
^ lyle thought about it ;)
Day 2: We woke up and layed out at the pool at our hotel. AHMAZING. I am slightly embarrassed to say i am a sun worshipper all the way- from sun up to sun down i could lay by the pool...poor lyle however was done about an hour in-he was getting a little burnt. :/ Lyle treated all of us to Pina coladas or daquiris and the day got that much better. Us three girls bonded when Lyle went into the hotel to hang out for a bit. Then we all got ready and went to the Coke & M and M factory and had dinner at the Hard Rock. After that we headed to cali.
Day 3: Disney Land!! I'll be honest Disney world > Disney land. But maybe its just because i'm an East Coast kind of girl. The weather was so nice and we got to hit up all the major rides right away with no wait! We got pretty lucky. We really hit everything we wanted to see and it was great. I LOVE fireworks but we were so beat we didnt get to stay and see those. All in all it was a good day.
what the woman thought lyles name was...hahaha uh
"duck faces" we think we are so funny
^ lyles idea. i approved
Day 4: We went to Laguna Beach and layed out ALL day. It was freezing until about 1 though and then the sun came out.
sorry for the PDA...well, kind of
now i'm back in the real world and procrastinating studying by blogging-but its worth it.
xoxo CAIT xoxo

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