Monday, May 27, 2013

forever & ever babe-I'm ENGAGED!

October 20, 2012: it was love at first sight.
Except not really, not even a teensy bit, not even at all. But let me tell you something, if i would have known how amazing lyle was that first night i met him outside of Ruby River I would have gotten down on one knee and proposed to him.
WARNING: you will probably want to throw up after this post. It is extremely mushy. #sorryimnotsorry
I've blogged a lot about Lyle over the past couple months...probably a lot more than the poor boy would many cases using a fake name or no name at all but still i'm sure its no surprise that we are engaged!! but anyway, lyle & i met through mutual friends...his room mate was my boss and i was invited to a haunted house. I was in my Ruby clothes and smelling like i said uh no thanks. Seth and Becca werent taking no for an answer so i followed them out and that was the first time i saw lyle. He was in the passenger seat and Seth introduced us. He was leaning over and i ducked down to get a better look.
"Its so nice to meet you lyle! I've heard a lot about you!!"
**i love hearing lyles view from when we first met. He says things like "you have no idea how bad i wanted you when we first met!" or "you caught my attention from the first sentence you ever spoke...what! a girl has heard about me and is excited to meet me?!" or " i thought you were beautiful! you were outta my league" But anyway if you wanna hear all about the beginning just go back in my blog. Anyway, we have had so many "complications" regarding the ring and the proposal but everything happens for a reason right? If we had things my way i would have been engaged over a month ago but we got the ring custom made and it ended up taking a lot longer than expected (but it was well worth the wait!) so lyle had to switch his proposal from UT to MD and fly out and surprise me. The weather was terrible every single day lyle was out here and i could tell he was pretty stressed about it. He was constantly checking his weather app or looking out the window and i felt absolutely terrible. He told me that it was going to be outside but things yet again werent quite working out for him and due to his work schedule he couldnt stay as long as he wanted until things got better. Friday finally rolled around and he told me that his initial plan wasnt going to work out and he apologized- he told me he had reserved a hot air balloon & a fire but the weather just wouldnt let that happen for us but i told him i would say yes no matter where or how he proposed and i meant it.
May 24th- we got in the car and drove...lyle wouldnt tell me where we were going and then we pulled into a starbucks parking lot. I immediately knew we were getting caramel apple spices. When we first started getting to know eachother lyle introduced me to the drink and made comments about how the drink would "make us more than friends" and "get me to fall in love with him." I remember laughing at how ridiculous he was but i did end up falling in love with him...but for other reasons :)
We then went to one of my favorite spots in Hoco. Lyle had gotten me my favorite flowers and sat down to play me a song on the guitar. I'm yours by ron pope is one of my all time favorite songs and i once told him he should learn it and serenade me with it. I guess he was listening because he picked that one. He seemed pretty nervous and surprisingly i was freaking the heck out...even though i knew it was coming. As we were walking over i had a pretty strong death grip on him. He then stood up and pulled me close and said all these adorably sweet things to me. I think he was starting to tear up a bit & it was so stinkin cute. The one thing i can say about lyle is it wasnt out of the ordinary for him to say those types of things to me because he does it on a daily basis- which doesnt make it any less special, it just says a lot about my future hubby. He never lets a day pass without letting me know how lucky he is or how important i am to him. He is honestly amazing.
He then got down on one knee, said my full name and asked me to marry him. I then made the easiest decision i have ever made and said yes or shook my head yes or something along those lines...i cant even remember because i was so excited/overwhelmed/happy etc. I can not believe how easy it was to fall in love with lyle. I have never let a single boy all 21 years and then lyle comes along. I definitely didnt make it easy on him though but i am so happy he pushed those 2 months to finally win me over. People keep saying "wow that was fast!" but when you know you for sure know. I never understood that until lyle. I knew when i found myself looking through our apt peep hole so i could jump on lyle the second he came over. I knew when i found my hand always searching for his anytime we walked or sat anywhere. I knew when he left me on all his sale trips and i was bored and forgot what it was like to be without him. I knew when i started getting annoyed if i didnt get texts from him. I knew when we went on vacation together and i could be with him 24/7 and not get sick of him once. I knew because i never felt about anyone in my whole entire life the way i felt about lyle. When i finally let him in i fell pretty flippin fast. I know because i cant picture myself with anyone else ever, its almost like the boy was made just for me. Lyle is the first boy i ever really kissed and hes gonna be the last. If you dont believe in soul mates then you are crazy because i know for a fact that lyle is the only guy i've ever met that could wife me up & that i could be with forever. He always tells me that he searched for me for so long and i feel the same.
^ i am absolutely in LOVE with this picture but lyle preferred that it go on the blog and not facebook...can you see why i am crazy about him?! hes hilarious
Then on the way home i realized what a hazard this ring of mine will be because i almost got in a car accident a few times and lyle told me to pull over so he could drive haha. These next few weeks are gonna be pretty dangerous for me i think. But hey i think i can get used to having this gorgeous ring on my hand... Then my family took us out to dinner to celebrate! and we even got a cute candle in our sundae. :)
I AM THE HAPPIEST GIRL IN THE ENTIRE WORLD. i keep thinking things can not get any better than this but they always do. I find more things to love about him each and every day. I can not wait to be sealed to him for time and all eternity on September 20th. He is definitely everything i've ever wanted and more!! (& if you've seen my lengthy list of requirements you would be shocked). yes he is that great.
I hope everyone finds someone who makes them this happy. I love you mosterestest babe.
xoxo your fiance xoxo
p.s.- shoutout to my AMAZING sister sheags for the great pictures & all the help!! loveyou


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  1. sooooo....this is how I find out about the date? hahaha! I am so happy for you girl! can't wait to meet this boy! loves!