Wednesday, May 29, 2013

what i love about you

you dont mind carrying my vera around for me, i actually think you secretly love it...
you write Caitlin Measom on purchases you make for me...before we were even engaged haha
you facetime with LJ {my stuffed giraffe} just to make me happy
you pose in pictures like this...
or this..
or better yet public.
you send me things in the mail & address them to like this...
you surprised me with a picture of the D.C temple to keep in my room so i can remember our goal!
i love that you got one for your room too
you have some pretty sweet dance moves
you handled being interrogated by my giant brother extremely well! i had to spy on you to make sure you were still alive ;)
you think star wars is cool & can easily convince me to put on a darth vader mask
you are so good with & love babies & think we are having a lot of them...hmm
you make some dang good faces. oh hey harvey dent!
you pretend to love my picture messages of my purchases. For some reason i feel the need to get your input and approval on everything & anything. you really liked this purchase...surprisingly 
you say funny things like this...

"if i droll all over you on our honeymoon its your own fault for looking so dang sexy!!!"

"i'm hot just like an oven, i need some lovin"
i'm rubbing off on him haha

me: "what if i worked at hotel california & i was a prostitute?"
you: "then i'd be your customer every night so you'd never have to do it with anyone else."

ALL the time & serious adorable things like this

"Your smile lights up my world babe"

"i pray everyday to know that you're the one for me and everyday i know and feel that you are the one more and more"

"growing old with you will be the best thing ever! i cant wait to spend my life with you"

"i cant get enough of your laugh and smile"
& to top it off you draw me pictures, write me letters, send me goodmorning & goodnight texts ery single day!, send me your cologne for LJ so he can smell like you, spoil me & surprise me.  See ya when you get to 75 babe. HURRY UP. p.s- to everyone else, i promise the lyle posts will slow down soon but i did just get engaged...
xoxo cait xoxo

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