Sunday, May 26, 2013

i'm feeling 22

I am now 22.
what is different about 22 than 21? well truthfully not much...
besides the fact that i now have a sweet theme song to this year that i can sing along to and annoy the crap out of everyone with. (yes, i did belt the lyrics out to everyone including the animals who did not escape the madness.." i dont know about jules but im feeling 22!" ) The day started like any other...except it wasnt...because it was my birthday! i spent the day shopping with mom and spending far too much money on clothes that i had no one to wear for (since lyle is in Houston...) and had to grab some ADORABLE mini cupcakes since cupcakes are a bday tradition!
eating these was nearly impossible, they were so stinkin cute i just kept looking at them. AND then i came home to a beautiful arrangement of flowers that my studly guy had delivered to me.
Speaking of flowers, did i mention three weeks in a row lyle has gotten me flowers? We both celebrated our birthdays in Utah before we split for the summer and lyle spoiled me! He got me this amazing michael kors watch, a game, LJ and he even wrapped some of his moms jam for me to take home because i love it so much! The boy is honestly amazing and always goes above and beyond.
I made a budget and said okay lyle we each can only spend this much but i knew he wouldnt listen but well neither did i so i guess we are made for eachother! or both bad at following directions...whatever.
i vainly got lyle pictures of me...
here babe...i dont think you have enough opportunities to look at me...
a redsox hat hes had his eye on for a while now & a sweet abercrombie jacket that wont work until Fall but he looked SO good in it and really liked it so i had to get it!
i knew i did good because he put it on and strutted around the room haha. We celebrated by going to Tucanos for dinner and ending the night with Pitch Perfect. Pretty perfect pre birthday celebration if you ask me...
I finished my actual birthday out with a few rounds of crowns, a dinner at Texas Roadhouse and skype session with my guy and i'll say it was a good day! I got some new running shoes, a vera backpack and some money for shopping in New York...Birthdays are the best. & with that, my theme song. ;)
xoxo CAIT xoxo

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