Friday, August 9, 2013

Everythings bigger in Texas

I got to spend about 10 days in the glorious state of Texas with my amazing fiancé. My first trip to Texas was a definite success. We ate at Taste of Texas, went to Kemah boardwalk and watch the fireworks and I got to try Bluebell ice cream, the best ice cream ever. Spending every night and morning before he went to work was so great. Lyle would literally run in every night, come right up to me and hug me. It was a life that I could get used to :). I got to spend my days with my Arri and some days the other wives. As absolutely terrible as this summer has been being away from him it almost makes it worth it that one moment where I see him after so long. And I say almost because it doesn't make up for it at all....but surprising him for his birthday was such a success. He was so cute about it except when I kept trying to eat my dinner and he just kept staring at me and saying "I cant believe you're here!!" His lovely boss made us stand up so Lyle could introduce me and then we all sang to him for his birthday. I woke up, made him breakfast and then took him to an Astros game and then we finished the night with Texas Roadhouse. We had celebrated our birthdays in May, complete with Tucanos and presents but I could miss his 25th birthday. I hope to visit him in a few weeks again. He is dominating at his job this summer and I am so proud of him!! Keep it up babe! 42 days
xoxo CAIT xoxo

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