Friday, August 9, 2013


Sometimes your man is holding your hand in the car and he goes "take a picture of our hands and say something like "I miss riding in Lyles car and holding his hand" and sometimes you realize you've created a monster (because he knows you blog about everything). Sometimes you tell your niece to put her hands on her hips to take a picture and you have to tell her about three times until she gets it. There we go!
Sometimes you and your man get approved for a really good house and you get so excited even though you have yet to find a house. AH. Sometimes you get your engagement pictures back and the ones where the photographer told you to get in a tree don't turn out as planned and sometimes your sister says they look like they could be on the cover of a harlequin romance novel...uh. Sometimes you get a zip file of your engagements and the file says Caitlin and Travis and you're really confused and you open them and sometimes its actually Caitlin and **Lyle...and sometimes your sister thinks it annoying but then funny and decides to call him that. Sometimes there are so many new great country songs and this one reminds you of your man because he's the soft sweet side in this relationship and not to mention my best side. I just hope that i'm hot enough to get rid of his tickets, like in this video ;)
Sometimes your family stops to help two turtles across the one day. And sometimes you realize that's probably not normal...but you are grateful that everyone loves to help. Sometimes your fiancĂ© sings to you until you fall asleep and his song of choice? God must have spent a little more time on you. Sometimes your man is so hard working that he wins you both a trip to Cancun and he and his team are this close to winning a trip to Pirates Cove too! Sometimes you are so proud of the man that he is. Sometimes you love being at home because you overhear conversations like this:
CJ: "miss your horse is going way to fast!"
Cass: panicking "don't sue me!!"
where she heard that word I could not tell you
or Cj says things like "I like Chinese food! I really like those graham crackers with paper in them!" also known as fortune cookies for us adults.
quotes: "did she just say captain crunch was a pirate...?!'
"no its a movie that you watch in the dark"
"well that's how I normally watch my movies..."
"oh no I meant to say its a movie where you eat dinner in the dark."
"juliets at the country club!"
"i just pictured two dogs walking on their hind legs with towels on their arms walking to the sauna..."
(on Juliet at the country club)
"we will see everyone tomorrow then Mammaw and Pappaw will come down for Aunt KKs wedding because its right around the corner and then everybody will leave and life will be sad."
Sometimes Meghan is really good at cheering up her children haha. Sometimes your man surprises you with TAYLOR SWIFT TICKETS. (insert freak-out) because if you knew just how much i love her and how bad I've wanted to see her for the past three years you'd get it. But sometimes around here she sells out so fast. Sometimes he really needs to stop sending you flowers and surprises in the mail like your every episode of your favorite show! Sometimes you really need to stop talking and praising him but you just cant. Sometimes you think you may change your mind about the whole waiting 2-3 years to have babies when your fiancé sends you pictures like this and your heart seriously melts because he will be the best daddy ever. And sometimes you want little babies just like him.
and then sometimes your niece is very confused about this picture and she doesn't know whose baby that is and when you ask her she looks at you all confused and keeps looking at your belly like she missed something. Sometimes you miss your beautiful room mates wedding in July and you check her facebook everyday for pictures because you know she just looked so beautiful! Congrats K&J! I cant wait to see your new place in three weeks! Love you both.Sometimes this is a weak sometimes post but you gotta ease back into the blogging scene.
xoxo CAIT xoxo

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