Friday, August 9, 2013

We meet again Utah

Utah was so successful in the wedding planning process.
I have been a terrible blogger because I can barely focus on anything else except the wedding. True Life wedding planning has consumed my life. Even now I cant stop thinking about the bridesmaids sweaters that I don't have or the sparker exit and how are we going to do it and hopefully no one hits me with one...but it is a chance I am willing to take. My hair gets fried off? Oh well, I got some great pictures....and who doesn't love sparklers? Crazy people that's who. Anyway I decided to put my brain to focus on something else, such a blogging. As thrilled as both my family and Lyle are that I am not really a bridezilla it is just as bad that I am an indecisivezilla and even sometimes a cryzilla. What?? I have to listen to this guy tell me no to my ideas?  Well I will cry about it then. In Utah we got our invitations! All 500 of them...yup, 500. Only took me about 8 hours to make those bad boys beautiful. Just wait til you see them! You know what's been worse? The fact that I have emailed them back 10 times changing them...the font, the pictures, the wording. If I wasn't such a perfectionist we would be done wedding planning. But big news! Today we finalized them and we should have all the Maryland invites in the mail by Tuesday!! The Utah ones are going out a bit later since the reception is later. After getting our beautiful invites taken care of (we got them from they were reasonable and I won a ton of free thank you cards from them as well! I highly suggest them- they were so helpful. The next day my amazing mother in law threw me a beautiful bridal shower!
I was so grateful for all my friends who made the trek from Bountiful, South Jordan and Orem. One of my best friends & first friends I met in Utah came all the way down just for a short bit to make an appearance. I love her so much! This pretty little lady is going to be one of my bridesmaids in Utah since she cant make it out to MD- her missionary comes home like 3 days or so before my wedding!! EEK. So excited for her!! Love you K.
Lyle and I got so many great presents! Everyone was so good to us. Thank you so much to all those that helped with food or decorating, or gave up some of their Saturday afternoon to come support me. I love you all! Another success of Utah was I got my blinged out wedding shoes and earrings! Oh and the bridesmaid dresses!! Lyle flew out to Utah on Sunday so we could take our engagements Monday and Tuesday. Me being the indecisivezilla that I am picked two photographers and just couldn't decide so I thought it would be a good idea to use both. Sami Jo Photography and Ewatts photography. Both were so great to work with. I was nervous at first because I am very picky about photos and I honestly would have preferred to take our engagements myself but since that wasn't realistic I did the next best thing. I LOVE all of them! Its great because we have about 200 photos now! At least we got variety right? Even if now I have so many favorites to choose from to display. I highly recommend this. Photos are the one thing I was very adamant about doing right. Utah photographers are the way to go too- reasonably priced and I love the locations. Here's a sneak peek of a few more I loved:
Sami Jo Photography
Ewatts photography
sami jo photography
sami jo photography
sami jo photography
I don't feel bad about sharing these because we still have like 150 others. I was so concerned about us coordinating but not being matchy matchy that I made poor Lyle try on all his outfits before hand so I could approve but only after we went out and bought the boy some new clothes since nothing fit him anymore. Lyle was seriously perfect through this whole process and even let me see how each outfit would photograph. Honestly he didn't complain and the day of when I was changing he kept asking what outfit he should put on first and I just couldn't tell him and he was so patient and then at one point he comes into the bathroom while i'm curling my hair and I go what time is it? Lyle tells he its only 2:45 so I don't freak out and then I come out and it was really like 3:15 and we were about to be late. I am still so impressed that he did this because I would have surely had a melt down and said I was no longer curling my hair. He just does things like that. He knows exactly what to say and how to approach things and i'm always so amazed by him. I know that sounds like a little thing but it was huge to me. I love this boy.
Needless to say the wedding planning is coming along. I have my first dress fitting in New York on Thursday, I got the cake of my dreams! (with three different flavors!), the dress I love and my prince charming. We still have to figure out a few minor details (that seem major to me..). We did manage to fit in some fun and go to a rodeo- the trip was great!
xoxo CAIT xoxo

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