Thursday, September 23, 2010

just the way you are.


Well I didnt find this song but this boy introduced it to me... So it all started this past week with FHE and my room mates had a lot to do so we almost didn't go but thank goodness we did. We were participating i promise...but we took a break and these cute boys approached us and started talking to us and they were so funny. Instead of rewriting how this went, I'll just use direct quotes to show how charming and funny these boys were.

                             "Where are you guys from?"....Both: "Maryland "
                            "oh sweet I love out of staters!" who says that
                                 "hahaha alright where are you from?" "Utah"
                    "oh sweet, I love instaters." my room mates pretty funny

Then we quickly realized Maryland wasnt that exciting and tried to be pretend we were from Italy and Switzerland...dont ask it just fit...anyway skipping some fun stuff but then one of the boys came back to our apartment and he wanted to show me this song... see above...and it was so cute because he sang it to me and was like are you listening? of course i'm listening... and to sum up the story i listen to this song at least 10 times a day. So thank you R*****. I love this song. I actually would love it if someone would learn it on the guitar and play it for me...just throwing the idea out there. Anyway the boys pretty charming and very cute which a lot of boys out here are though, maybe its something in the water? He told me that i wiggle/scrunch my nose when i laugh *me appalled* "No its cute!" Yeah i'm sure its cute mister...I have never heard this in my life and also why are you looking at me so close huh? I mean not that I mind...hes beautiful.

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  1. that's haydens favorite song...everytime it comes on he belts it out! and he sings it seriously too!