Thursday, September 23, 2010

Regional Conference

I am so blessed to be in Utah during Conference and Regional Conference and being able to hear such amazing speakers like Sister Julie Beck, Elder Snow and Elder Holland. I mean watching something on television is totally different than watching it in person. Being in a HUGE auditorium with thousands of other students my age is so uniting and the spirit is so overwhelming. My favorite story from the regional conference was one that Jeffrey R Holland shared about Belle Smith. A story in which they were pioneers on their long trek and they came to this area that was so hard to conquer and they were the last family and the others had forgotten about them and it was just Belle her husband and their three children under five. She was so impressive she agreed to be attached to the horse and handcart so she could make it down the steep mountain, a job in which five men could barely do but Belle was positive and had such strong faith. The story went on and brought tears to my eyes as I listened to how obedient Belle was and how strong she was. They had left all three children on the top of the mountain and when they went back all three were in the same spots they had been left in. Then the men came back just as the Smiths made it down and her husband said. Dont worry fellas, Belle is all a man needs to complete this journey. :)

I want to be just like Belle Smith.

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