Sunday, April 7, 2013

Meet the Fockers, uh i mean Learys

Never have i ever introduced a boyfriend to my parents because never have i ever had a boyfriend.Getting me to say yes to a date was nearly impossible and having someone meet my standards was even harder. That is until i met Lyle...well even then because i stupidly said no for the first two months when he kept asking me out. But finally i came to my senses and now i have the best boyfriend ever! The parents had to come out and meet this pretty special guy so i was pretty nervous.So on Wednesday, mom and dad came into town and i was thrilled because seeing my family 4 times a year isnt nearly enough. They were just chillin in my apt when i texted lyle "wanna come ova" and lyle said
"oh no i'm nervous!"
"on my way"
"are you sure you want  me to come over?"
I always look through the peephole when lyle is coming over so i can greet him at the door so when i saw him walking up i ran outside and closed the door. I hugged him and gave him a mini pep talk and then dragged him inside. Mom and dad kinda grilled him- nicely might i add but they asked him lots of questions!! I had never seen lyle so shy and nervous so it was kind of off off. That night wewent out to dinner and then played mini golf. We decided to raise the stakes and say loser buys icecream. For a while i was sweating it sitting pretty in last place but i redeemed myself and dad ended up buying icecream. Let me just add that lyle is good at EVERYTHING. He got first place in mini golf with 2 or 3 hole in ones and didnt gloat or anything. He also beat me in checkers at dinner and beat us at cards after Baskin Robbins. He never brags about winning or talks trash. He definitely won points with my parents there. Then we went to play cards at the hotel and relax and it was way fun. I asked my parents 6 times a day if they liked lyle or not- they did....just checking...
Then the next day we got up and i had to go to class while my mom met up with her old friend from high school. Then lyle came over and we went to city creek!
how half of our pictures end up looking...silly embarrasing...
lyle and my dad bonded while mom and i did some shopping!!
my cute mom & dad
That night we went out to dinner with lyles parents at Texas Roadhouse. I was kind of nervous at how it would go for some reason but i dont know why because our parents are exactly the same which is probably why we both feel so comfortable with the other ones family. Our dads had a lot in common and our parents are both so funny. My parents approved and said i'm marrying into a great family and his parents are so real and down to earth. It went really well. Friday, we headed up to Park City because mom & dad had never been up there before but not before we went to kneaders for breakfast. We went to the Outlets and walked down mainstreet. PC is so beautiful and we had so much fun. Lyle had an important question to ask my dad so they went into a store but lyle came back and told me he got nervous and chickened out haha but finally right before we left PC he asked.
When we came home we met up with my cousin & his beautiful wife Laura and went to dinner. Then the Mickels met up with all of us for Coldstone because everyone wanted to meet Lyle and it was so much fun! I wish we would have remembered to take pictures here :( Atthis point dad & lyle were really bffz.No exaggeration here because they were hysterically laughing. Lyle and my dad both found the other one to be funny. Lyle heard my dad say things like "my funny little honey" or "snappin headed lizard dog" and he just absorbed it all- so much that i got a goodnight text last night saying:
hahaha he had my dad laughing so hard with his own made up versions. lyle: "this is a fun game!" oh no dad look what you've done! ;) They are seriously two peas in a pod when it comes to sense of humor. My family seriously adores him and it makes me SO happy. My family means the world to me and the fact that lyle loves them too is great. I am so grateful for how generous they were in paying for everything for lyle and i the whole trip(exceptwhen his parents insisted on generously paying for Texas Roadhouse), the kindness they showed him and how they basically welcomed him to the family. Lyle was willing to play tons of rounds of rummi and put up with all the teasing. Thanks mom & dad, we love you so much! Lyle and i both have the best parents. I cant wait for him to meet the rest of my family because he fits in with my family perfectly.
xoxo CAIT xoxo

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