Wednesday, April 17, 2013

St Jeezy chillin

Do you know what happens when you leave 80* weather and come back to this on your weather app?

I had a beautiful long weekend in St Jeezy & i am sad to report i am back in p-town.Lyle and i went down with his brother and soon to be sister in law and it was a much needed vacation. Lyles family has a condo down there and it was open so instead of staying and studying for finals, the ever responsible person that i am was all for a weekend with no internet...whoops. After every trip or thing we do lyle always asks me my top favorite parts so here ya go:
 laying in the sun. for 5 days straight!
 the food
exploring st george with lyle
the St George temple
One night we went out to dinner and then headed up to Dixie Rock. It was so pretty up there. There were even fireworks going off out in the distance. After that we went to see Scary Movie 5 & let me just tell you dont see it. It is absolutely terrible and we left early.
Then one night we went and walked around the St George temple & got icecream after
Then we went to the narrows and explored rocks around there...
some phone pics...
Then we went & explored zions!
Some things i learned from our lovely St George trip are as follows:
-self timer works wonders, considering more than half of those are all self timer shots...
-Pizza Factory has the best breadsticks in the entire world. and i am only half embarrassed to say that i have thought about them everyday since Friday...
-if i'm stuck on a rock lyle will rescue me
- The Bear Paw Cafe is a necessity. You need to eat there once bc they have the best stuffed french toast ever. Yes, it even tops Kneaders
-as soon as i graduate i am moving to St George....with or without lyle...preferably with though... ;)
-Nielsens custard > other things. another must have...
Ok now this is just turning into a food diary...i dont think i have eaten out this much all semester! I dont like eating out because well, i dont wanna be 300 lbs...and lyle and i go to the gym 5-6 days a week so eating out seems kinda counter productive if you ask me...but whats vacation without some amazing food?
-when in zions its only appropriate to take pictures where your neck looks broken...
-lyle is even greater than i thought & we get along great.
From his sweet dance moves to girls just wanna have fun, letting me listen to my ipod the WHOLE way down, appeasing my food cravings no matter where we are or what time it is, understanding my sun obsession and reminding me to put sunscreen on so "your dad doesnt kill me...", offering to carry me when my flip flop broke, doing the dishes, mimicking my sound effects and how he just gets me- i'm pretty lucky
-Free ballin is a pretty sweet remake of free fallin...
-flip flops are not appropriate attire when climbing up dixie rock...
-the first thing that comes to mind now when i think of Zions is Lion King. uhh
-Scary Movie 5 is most definitely not as good as Scary Movie 3....
-Arri and Bryce are entertaining and so much fun to be around. I loved the chance to get to know them better and cant wait to do it again
-sometimes you might fit through the narrows but your boobs dont
-warning: getting tan in St. George may cause constant staring in the much that your boyfriend has to tell you to "stop checking yourself out" in the mirrors at the gym...
-lyles eyes look even better in Southern Utah ;)
I loved St George and everything about it- from the Red Rock to all the cool things there was to do & i cant wait to go back. Well boring non vacation things such as the gym and finals are calling my name...
sorry for the picture overload.
xoxo CAIT xoxo

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  1. I read through this and scrolled through all these pics so fast sure that a vacation this great would end with a ring. I guess I'll have to wait and keep reading :)