Monday, June 16, 2014

A Few Good Men

How could you not love someone who after HE kills it & sells 3 decides to go out and buy tons of candles and fresh flowers and sparkling cider (you can't even see it all in this picture) for YOU. I was head weighting at work so I came home about midnight and he opens the door to a dark home & I'm all like what the freak is going on and then I just died. Oh and then he made me dinner. Surprises are the best but something was backwards here...
who puts God first. As hard as it is to get up for 8:30 church when they work late & then stay up late he without fail gets up without ever complaining about how tired he is. He never lets it slide, not once does he put one single thing before God and church attendance. How easy would it be to have him convince us sacrament is enough or say he's not feeling well and then go have fun later, esp when we only get one day to see each other? We can go home babe...lets go sleep or do this but no, he stays all 3 hours. I proudly hold his hand & feel so grateful for this worthy priesthood holder in my life. His sweet prayers, desire for others to do whats right & unwavering faith are what makes me fall more in love with him each day. I am so proud of him when he says no to rated R movies & doesn't swear back when I see some of the language others use in texts. I know these are just little things but having a man who tries to do whats right assures me he will be such a good example for our future babes. I know I snagged one of the best. Sorry this was long but it's at the top of my list for importance. Your significant other should help make you a better person... I'm slowly getting to where I need to be with his help. Key word being slowly...

who refers to Murphy as lil B...also known as lil bud in Lyle language or other cute things. And then during a couch cuddling sesh I tell Murphy to give Daddy a kiss & holy cuteness.
who thinks paying for random peoples dinner bills is a good idea

Who insists you keep your foot propped up all night w/ ice because you were attacked by fire ants. He even moved this chair across the room...Normally I wouldnt think this was a big deal except that my ankle started swelling and didnt stop and I could barely walk on it. Lyle panicked a little asking if i was allergic and got me medicine and kept checking on it all night... 
 who lets you eats the center of out of the breads at restaurants because well, its the best part! & when you eat your part he gives you his center (i may or may not have a bread addiction...) 

no but really. he just stares, all.the.time.

 who works his butt off every. single. day. Selling in the morning doesn't mean we are okay with being apart, but it shows a special kind of dedication I admire. He doesn't do well because he's "lucky" as I've heard people say about guys but because he's so positive, he practices his pitch and if he needs to he gives up lunch breaks to work.

Who sends you texts that he knows you think are hilarious when he can sense you're having a rough day. I'm 90% sure I've posted this picture before which is how you know I think its just THAT funny. 
who acts like seeing another chick flick is something he really wants to do & when you are crying at the end he turns to you & makes you laugh by saying "i can't wait for the sequel!" I've heard people say their husbands wont see certain movies & I am so blessed Lyle will

Who not only takes your fashion pictures willingly & shouts out things like "work it girl!" or "oh yeah" to get you to smile but then lets me get some more of if we don't have enough...psh
 who tries to give into your chocolate chip cookie craving at 1:30 am... even if he comes in cookieless because he accidentally put too much salt in them and now they are all in the trash haha Hey, I didn't need to eat that late anyway ;) who hums "my little wifey is so dang sexy" to my little pony which is actually kind of catchy... apparently the lyrics according to lyle are "my little pony skinny and bony..." & if this is the case that is a serious marketing fail on their part...who shows you that he bought "everything has changed" by T.Swift because you both love it so much & i guess he loves it more than you thought...who lets you take super nice one year anniversary pictures since you aren't a chunker anymore & well friends, one year is a big deal! who lets you kiss the soft spot on his face, who proudly smiles and says "Garth Brooks!" as soon as the radio turns on. He knows how much I love country...who picks me up and carries me to bed or pretty much everywhere I wanna go (although I secretly think he's showing off his hot new muscles ;)) who tells you not to eat the chunks of cinnamon roll out of the ice cream but lets you anyway I am so blessed that this man is my future babies daddy.                                                       

Yesterday had me missing my own amazing dad & thinking about Lyle as a's not surprising that I picked someone so much like him. They are both easy going, caring men that put others first. They have the same silly sense of humor, can make me laugh when I don't want to & put up with my stubborn Irish self. They both spoil me far too much & I could really blame ya dad for giving me everything I ever wanted, I could have been a brat! (shh I know sometimes I still can be) They both have taught me so much about myself and others around me. I've written an extremely lengthy fathers day post before in honor of my dad (read it: here) but I just thought I would add a couple things from the past year or so... My dad along with many other loved ones couldn't be at our sealing and not once did my dad ask me to postpone the wedding, complain, or ask me to change my choices. He knew the importance of a temple marriage & how I much I wanted it. My dad was the first person both Lyle and I hugged when we came out and I know how hard it was for him not to be there but I knew he was proud of our choices. I love that my dad calls me every week and even though much isn't usually going on we always talk. I love being able to call my dad and ask him questions about snakes & if they are poisonous or not, what to use when I'm attacked by fire ants and listen to him get animated about the things I see down here in Texas. I hope to someday be near my family again because I know how big of an impact my dad is on my nieces & nephew. When they are over, you tell them that pappaw is home and they sprint to the door. They just adore him. My dad is the first man I ever loved & the way he's treated my mom like a queen showed me what to look for and what I deserved. I wrote this 3 years ago for you "There is no way my future husband will be as doting, so this is kinda depressing..." and boy was I wrong!! So Dad, thanks for loving Mom. Because of you I picked a top notch hubby. You will always have a place in my heart that no one else has, a bond that I share with no one else & have been there since day one. So heres to the two best men in my life. I love y'all. Love, Cait

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  1. Just stalking your blog and bawling my eyes out. You're great, Lyle is great, your dad is great.