Sunday, June 19, 2011

Daddys little demon :)

Happy Fathers Day Daddy! I thought this title was appropriate considering i was a difficult little one, always getting into things and breaking things, etc. Just like for mom i wanted to express my gratitude and love for you by telling you how much you mean to me!
I think we have the best memories, and i miss those times so much. I feel like my childhood memories with you consist of long walks to search for critters, trips to the creek, fishing, creatures, animals, bugs, haha basically anything outdoorsy. I feel like in all our pictures when we were younger theres some type of creature or animal or fish haha. You me and Shannon would take those long walks down to the park and we would always stop and look under rocks and explore. I remember holding salamanders, snakes, and gross things...and you teaching us to respect them. Us wading in the water to search for things and you teaching me to bait the fishing pole although i still wont do it and you would end up doing it and fishing at the blue park and i kept casting out my line and reeling it in and you telling me to be patient but i just couldnt haha. Some things never change...I love that everytime i see or smell honeysuckles i think you you and summer and how you taught shannon and i how to eat them and i thought it was the coolest thing even if you only got a drop out of them...I love that Motown music, Pink Floyd, and Lynard skynard all make me think of you too. You used to sit on the bunkbed and nay and i would sit on each side of you and you would read books to us each night. I remember every friday youd bring home candy and little surprises for us when i was little. I miss being called katiedid (dad spells it with a K mom) because i was always getting into things or breaking things so everyone would say Caitie did it... or caitie, no one but family/cousins and everyone has called me that. I remember when i couldnt fall asleep because i was scared and you would have to come sleep in my room. Remember the daddy daughter dances for girlscouts? Remember embarrassing me by your singing and dancing in front of my friends? Remember in Elementary school when you would erase our work over and over until it was neat? Youd make sure we never half did anything. You really had an issue with this.
I have always wanted to give a talk in church on Fathers day because i could just tell everyone how amazing you are. How the neighbors call you over to get snakes or critters out of their house and no matter the time youll go over. I still tell people about the time you saved all those baby ducklings from the sewer drain at the zoo when i  was younger. I remember you climbing down there and saving all the baby ducklings and everyone was gathered around you and they were so impressed. Or how you stop and help turtles crossing the road. Or that one time you saved the bird out of kitchen air vent. You have such a big heart and youre so good with animals and shannon takes right after you. You have taught me so much, i feel like ive benefited from having two parents who know so much because i can talk about anything and relate to almost everyone. Not only have you always cared about animals but people too and one time you went through through the Mcdonalds line and got that homeless man some food, i used to cry every time i saw a homeless person and you were always being so nice to them, by giving them money or something not only to make me feel better but you were just caring.
Theres definitely no denying that from you i got that irish temper, well i think everyone of your kids got that from you haha. I feel like i got my stubborness from you too, haha so basically all the things that drive everyone crazy....because all these traits combined gave me a super strong personality. I got your brown eyes, skin color and dark brown bordering black hair color. I feel like the looks side all comes from you actually. Its funny ive youve always reminded me of uncle jesse from Full House about your hair, fixing it and making it perfect because you have the thickest and best hair. I'm like that with my own hair. I always say that i expect my future husband to have hair and not a receeding hairline because my dads over 50 and still has great hair and is that too much to ask? No.
You have the funniest quirks about you dad. One of the funniest things was at christmas time when someone would move one of the ornaments on the tree either too close to another one or it just wasnt in the right spot and we would all guess how long it would take you to notice. You always noticed within 20 miniutes of getting home. Youre kinda OCD dad, haha with your constant fluffing of the pillows and having to clean before you even sat down after working all day. You also use some funny voices sometimes, you used to do like the pink panther or something all the time.

Due to the intensity of both of our stubborn personalities, we havent always seen eye to eye. To say that we have had the most perfect relationship would be a lie but i have always felt like your little princess. Whenever i wanted something i got it and you always took care of all of us. Remember when it was just me and you home and i was hungry and i couldnt figure out what to eat and you were like ill make you anything or go anywhere you want and i was just so difficult because i didnt know. I feel like this is how most of the stories were always willing to do whatever for me. Always making sure i was happy and got what i needed/wanted. Whenever i said i wanted to do something or go somewhere you always tried to make it happen. IE- the New York trip and seeing the Rocketts! That was so much fun! There is no way my future husband will be as doting, so this is kinda depressing...
Looking back i feel so bad because you were always trying so hard. Hence the title of this post because i was so difficult. You know that i have blamed you for some things that i held on to forever that wasnt fair but i love you so much and i feel like we just keep getting closer. If i could do it all again the one thing i would change is how i treated you. For how well you treated me I should have done so much better. I love talking to you and i feel like you and mom are my two biggest fans. Haha you have always known the exact buttons to push to make me mad haha and that drove mom crazy. I feel like i should be used to teasing today because you did it so well but im not. You have the best sense of humor and you always make everyone laugh except when i was in a bad mood dad and you never got that...All my friends always loved you because you made them laugh. I feel like i dont laugh like i do out here when im with my family because of all the ridiculous things you say. A lot of times you dont even say anything funny but i will laugh so hard and you and mom always look at eachother like what the heck. I've always hated how youve given me a hard time about the sun but with good reasoning. I feel like when we were little we were reapplying sunscreen every 20 was crazy. And the soundtrack to all my sporting events was your voice. No matter where i was on the field or court i could always hear you yelling haha. I HATED it. I would come to the sideline and youd give me hundreds of pointers and tips and looking back i love that you were always at everything. I was probably one of the busiest and most ambitious child ever and you and mom were always supporting me. My favorite thing that i feel like i got from you is how driven i am. You have always told me that you know whatever i set my mind to i will accomplish and youve never worried about me when it comes to something like that.
Mom has told meghan shes married someone just like her father multiple times. I can only be so lucky to marry someone whose as hardworking, funny, caring and devoted to his family as you. You always kiss and hug mom the second you come home and i have never said get a room to you two because i was always happy that my parents were still together and happy unlike a lot of people. Its funny a lot of the traits i have on my future husband list are things you have like the always happy and positive, someone who humors me, etc And you treat mom like an absolute queen! Every christmas you go above and beyond. And that one time in Tiffanys when she picked out a bracelet and you were like if you want it youll get it and you bought it for her right on the spot. Youre so talented and creative and everyone goes to you for their art projects because youre so good with that stuff. You also have crazy good handwriting, thanks to that all boys catholic school! i love hearing stories about you too you were such a good kid, like when your pet rat died and the kids at school send you cards because you were so sad.

I definitely miss your french toast breakfasts and egg salad sandwiches since ive been out here. I miss laughing like i do when im home, i really miss laughing. I miss hearing your truck pull in around 6 every day. I'm gonna miss you doing your own fireforks this year on the 4th. I miss that voice you use when you get home, its kinda higher and excited and you say hi caitie. I miss working on my room with you and how much work you put into it. I miss your weird made up names that you would call all of us-snappinheadedlizarddog, fartnipper. I hope people dont think youre weird now...However i dont miss you yelling at the Redskins or Nascar races when things werent going so well :) i miss you catching the spiders for me as i would yell down the stairs to you or stand on the couch or hide til you got them. Now no one gets the spiders although i wish you would have killed them instead of just letting them outside...
So basically i love you lots! and i hope you had the best day and i wish i had been able to be home. Im so blessed to have a dad like you always in my life. I really feel so priveleged with my memories and experiences that ive had growing up. I dont think i could have been treated any more like a princess but still be so driven and hard working without a dad like you. Thanks. I know as soon as i post this im gonna be mad that i forgot something...
 Funny things my dad says:
"theres a deer riding a bicycle and waving" -just had to be there...

"Caitie just said she was getting tired of shopping, she never says that, Honey she must be sick"
-dad to my mom after 2 full days of was really the jetlag though, i never get tired of shopping ;)

"while you were gone someone ransacked your room, i dont know what they took though."
-on me being home less than a day and my room being already messy

"dad they are great shoes, i buy one and they give a free pair to some homeless child"

a while later
"honey( to my mom) pick yourself out a pair, dad werent you listening i said a homeless child"

"you guys spent so much money today i think were gonna have to downgrade your bday dinner to mickey Ds"
"but daddyy wouldnt i look cute in a little bmw or audi? then all the boys would wanna date me!"

"no then we would never marry you off because theyd think you were high maintenance"
"dad theres my future car!" (points to a cute little bmw)

a while later. "no, theres the car were gonna get you honey" (points to a piece of crap....)cool dad. thanks

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