Friday, August 29, 2014

Hello Fall

I'm over here dreaming of Fall which I pretty much do all year round because it's my favorite. Favorite food, favorite clothes, favorite activities, favorite sights and favorite smells. I am still clinging to our next couple weeks of Summer because our "Summer" is actually just beginning over here in Measom household but I always find you get some of the best deals before the season actually starts or right after its over. Outerwear is not only Lyles favorite thing but its slowly starting to become mine as well so here are a couple Fall (excluding rain jackets & windbreakers) outerwear wardrobe staples:

a vest (a plain one to match things & a fun pattern)
a dressy coat (trench, double breasted style, etc)
a leather jacket (def black but brown is useful too)
a coat coat (something warm)
army style (camo or twill style- specifically army green)
I got this vest last year and I love it just as much. Classy and it goes with everything. Check it out on pinterest, there is a reason it was going for $400 on Ebay! People were and still are obsessed with the herringbone. 
I've already posted this on my blog before because I love it that much. I can PROMISE you that you will fall in love with it. The quality and look of it is amazing. I purchased this a couple months ago because I had a discount and got it for like $35-$40. Lyle's eyes about popped out of his head (partially because my husband has a thing for ladies in leather jackets like this- he always thinks they are super hot). And it looks way more expensive that it was. You really can't beat this price. I always buy Fall stuff early and I have a feeling this baby will go fast when people start stocking up. You will love it. It's one of my favorite purchases,
I already ordered this because I am mad for plaid. No really, I love this. 
Lyle lovingly refers to vests like this as "gorilla vests." As you can see though it is still on my must have list for Fall. I think of pairing this with plaid button ups and chunky knit scarves, bling and a pair of skinny jeans with some loafers and it's the perfect Fall piece. These always go SO fast despite your first impression of it. 
Now in all honesty I shop anywhere, including Abercrombie, when I find pieces as perfect as this! (and as long as they aren't covered in the logos). I even tried it on in the store and I love the quilted pattern that sets this one a part and it doesn't look cheap at all. Andi Dorfman wore a similar one from Revolve Clothing on this past season of the Bachelorette for around $500 but this baby looks so much like it for a fraction of the cost (I compared for a long time...). A black leather jacket is the number one thing on my fall list. I have a perfectly good Steve Madden one at home that's just a little too big right now (but if you're interested I'll be selling it on ebay!) and now I need to make room for a new one. I would love to wear this with a lace dress, wine colored or plaid scarves and cute wool hats. BUT don't buy this for full price. I NEVER buy anything from here for full price because I can find discount codes online and I get their emails and they do sales every week. I promise you. So here I am just waiting for this baby to go on sale. Risky when I love it as much as I do but I'm all about the sale. 
Okay, before you say anything this is ugly. I know it is....but at the same time I find myself just staring at could be that it's leopard print and a total fav of mine or that it's from Zara and I can picture myself strolling through the streets of Paris in it because it just screams high fashion to me. I would never buy this for that price butttt I can't help but want to just try it on. So chic if paired right and I would definitely place this in the dressy category.
This is my only pick for an actual coat coat this year. I don't normally pick things that are blue but for some reason I am drawn to it.
I love a good camo or twill jacket. I have one of both and I love the versatility they have. I put them in the same category because they both have that similar army vibe going on and can give off more of an edgy look. Paired with a beanie or some boots they will be easy transition pieces. 
Trench coats are perfect for wearing over dresses or skirts, to church our out somewhere nice. The selection and colors are endless. I love the buttons and how they are double breasted...the material, everything. I have one that I got from Olive & Tweed ( a Park City boutique) but you can pretty much find them everywhere. I wouldn't say this is necessarily my favorite one but its not too pricey for a trench coat. H&M usually has reasonable ones and I've seen some cute ones at Delias before too. You can use Pinterest for some ways to style them and get some inspiration.

My in my dreams coat. But hey, maybe someone will stumble across my blog who can drop dough on this baby. 
Some of my favorite vests from J. Crew Factory. They are always cheaper than purchasing online and I got the wine colored one in the center (and $20 cheaper too). If you haven't noticed the whole oxblood, burgundy, wine, maroon, I have a 100 names for basically the same color color is all over the place and the new big thing right now and that is fine by me. The camo one is next on my list but how cute is that plaid?! They were just putting it out today so its not even online yet!

Obviously these aren't all needs and I'm not saying that. Also, you can't build a whole wardrobe in one season but you can focus on one item to add each year. Try to pick pieces that are classic and timeless and that you can continue to wear year after year. Outerwear is usually an investment because its pricier than most of your tops or summer clothes in general but I wear my jackets for years on end so I usually spend a lot of time comparing my options. 
Love, Cait

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