Thursday, April 16, 2015

Angels Landing

Saint George is one of my favorite places. If I could live down there I would in a heart beat. Southern Utah in general with all the red rock is absolute perfection so any free weekend we have we head down that way. The top two picture is from the narrows near Dixie Rock and this year I was able to squeeze all the way through! I don't know if I couldn't before but I was freaking out about it so I was happy I was able to conquer it this time! One of our goals this year is to hit up all the national parks in Utah so we have a few more to hit up this Fall. Angels Landing in Zions was one of the coolest hikes! I don't think it was too difficult but if you have a fear of heights it's probably not for you...just look at the pictures. Lyle gets a little nervous about me getting close to the edges but I was fearless. I love getting to explore Utah. It is one of the prettiest states and I think more people should take advantage of all it has to offer. Here's some pictures from out little vacay a few weeks back.
This is actually a breakfast from Vegas! I love going into the city since its so close to St. George.
this is the hike going up the mountain!
Look at that happy little camper :)
Ignore our squinty eyes & bad hair. It was so hot
Yes I brightened this! My camera seriously did not do justice do the color here!
Check out this cute face.
Love, Cait

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