Tuesday, April 28, 2015

I'll be your tan legged Juliet

On our way to Milan we just had to stop in Verona. Who doesn't love Romeo and Juliet?! And every other movie that takes place here? Just like every other town in Italy it was perfect. We didn't think it needed a lot of time so an afternoon was really all we planned for. It was cool because they were having a food market thing going on so we tried samples and wandered in all these amazing European stores and then got to pretend we were Romeo and Juliet! It was a lot of fun but I wouldn't say its a must on your Italy tour. Yet again, it's a picture overload! 
The only other lady Lyle can cop a feelski on ;)
But in all seriousness it was meant to give you luck in love.
Romeo + Juliet <3
I just realized we never got a response...uh
I look chubby in these pictures guys! Just keep in mind this was a while ago and we were literally eating carbs on an hourly basis in Italy. Just shoving our faces with Italian food.
Love, Cait

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