Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Long Distance Lovin

Long distance is really no stranger to our relationship...unfortunately. But I think I am starting to get used to it. I still miss him but I am finding things to occupy my time and focusing on some new goals.  What's going on here? The weather is absolutely beautiful, my cousin is moving in with me for the Summer and I am off to New York for my birthday in a couple weeks! I am seriously so excited for my family and my favorite city. Lyle is down working in Houston again and I just got back a week ago from visiting him! We have about 2 pictures to show of it but I loved every second. We have been so busy lately (not that I am glorifying being busy) but it's been so easy to get swept up into it.

There have been so many great and happy blessings in my life over the past couple months and I just wanted to stop and appreciate them. The cutest couple just moved into our ward and she sat next to me in relief society with baby Rosie and I am so excited about it! Our ward doesn't have too many young couples and we get along really well. I have 3 more hours left of my 50 hours of field experience this semester! Woo. My grades are killer and I have a break before my first and last summer class. But the biggest blessing in my life is that man of mine, who does whatever he can so I don't have to be stressed. This post is for you babe. I'm just over here thinking about you babe as you work your butt off. My cute cousin posted this article and I absolutely LOVE it. Everyone should read it. Lyle did these things when we had just met and over 2 years of knowing the boy he still does them. I appreciated them but I love this perspective.

8 Silent Ways Your Husband Is Screaming I Love You

Lyle is the type of husband that will drive to multiple donut places so I can try them all and decide which is my favorite. P.S. Shipleys in Texas is THE BEST. I know you will see lots of food in this post, but don't worry guys I am now on a donut fast (and sweets too).
He surprises me with my favorite treats when he is near them. This salted caramel cookie is heaven.
He's the type of husband that when he's sick and he opens his eyes from a nap he says "you're the most beautiful girl" when he sees me and is so kind and grateful. UM STOP. When I am sick and tired I wish I was like him. But seriously he is never sick so when he is I go into shock and don't even know what to do with myself and have to call mom.
He's the type of husband that when I ask if we can see the longest ride he makes a big deal about how much he wants to see it too. (this boy has probably seen every Nicholas Sparks movie with me and he never complains) On a side note I want to be a teacher like the one in that movie, so inspiring!

He is the type of husband that gets up during the previews to get us treats because its my favorite part!

He is the type of husband that lets me have the first and the last bite of the dessert.

He is the type of guy that handles long distance pretty well. A good morning text every morning and a goodnight convo and text every night. He is the type of guy that tells me he loves me 100 times a day and tells me how I am "the best wifey."

He's the type of husband who, not only lets me pick the dessert places but after I eat my cupcake, lets me teat some of his too.
He is the type of husband that keeps me laughing every single day. I always knew a sense of humor was one of the most important traits in a guy and I scored big time. Whether its at the zoo when the girls across the way start yelling to the orangoutang things like "what a handsome boy" and your husband yells back "Thank you!" or making jokes to strangers I know I will always be entertained. Below is Lyle doing impersonations of my fashion pics hahaha. I've got some great new poses now for my next shoot! 

He is the type of guy that still opens every door for me and goes and pulls the car up when its pouring rain without me even telling him to. 

He is the type of guy that when he's bored of us laying out he stuffs seashells in my swimming suit... haha

He is the type of guy that makes a big deal about changes in my appearance. When I visited him in Texas with my blue eyes he kept making me stare at him the whole time I was there. He kept wanting to see them and made such a big deal about them. He always makes me feel special.

He is the type of guy that does the funniest impersonations. The ones he did of the European kids while we were in Mexico keeps me laughing for days.

He is the type of husband that is SMOKIN HOT. Sorry babe I had to. Just when I think he can't get any hotter he does. Lyles goal is to get a 6 pack this summer but little does he know he is already the biggest stud around.
I know these posts can be annoying but I love having these pictures and memories for me to look back on and be able to show our future kids things I love about their dad. I think you can never say too many good things about your spouse. They deserve to hear it and I think its important to uplift them. I love seeing positive things people post about their spouses, it makes me so happy. I think its important to never compare and appreciate your spouse for all the amazing things he does that sometimes people can overlook. As of now we have 5 months of long distance (unless I get to go stay with him earlier) and I know that it will only strengthen our marriage for us to each work on bettering ourself before we get to have the best adventures this Fall. GUYS I AM SO EXCITED for these trips with this boy. He makes everything so much more fun. 
Love, your wifey

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