Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Roswell, NM: Aliens are Cool

After stopping in the cutest town in Fredericksburg we stopped in Roswell. The title says it all. We went to the Roswell UFO museum and it was sweet. I am super into that stuff thanks to my dad. It's only $5 or so and it has all this evidence about the coverup that took place with testimonials and such. Our verdict? Aliens are real. We had a good time, and the whole town has aliens painted everywhere and its just a cool town. Also this picture describes my silly husband perfectly. If you follow me on snapchat you saw all sorts of videos from our roadtrip.
Then we went to a team Lake Powell trip. We camped out, rented jet skis and a boat. These pictures were taken before anyone was there and that's all I took! Shocking I know.
After Lake Powell I started to feel sick so we stopped at Horseshoe Bend and then went home to recuperate for a few days before heading to California. I was SO sad we were going to miss the Balloon Festival but theres always next year!
Please ignore my camping hair. Scary.
Love, Cait

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