Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Small Town Saturday Night

On our way back from Houston we stopped at the cutest places. After our weekend in Austin (coming to the blog soon) we headed on to the cutest little town of Fredericksburg, TX. Right before we got to the main street we found this stop with pumpkins, flowers and treats so we stopped to snap a couple pictures. I absolutely love road tripping and seeing new places and deciding which ones we could make a life in. Even though it was small, Fredericksburg was one of my favorites! The main street was straight out of a movie filled with candy shops, home decor stores and random odds and ends. If you saw my snapchat story, you saw Lyle in heaven sampling all the difference sauces and jams from one our favorite store ha. I am definitely enjoying this little break from our travels though, we can't wait to take on California tomorrow. 
P.S. i put a grainy filter on these photos. 
love, cait

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