Monday, August 22, 2011

Lets bond over...

True story. Guilty pleasure #87
What can i say, i let myself indulge...a lot.

There are a few things that bring a family together. I guess in most families, its things that are a little more common, such as sports. Well my family for sure loves their sports, but we get a little too intense whether it be watching or playing so we like to keep it simple. Jersey Shore.
Well, more like just my siblings...
Every Thursday night we would gather around the television and do a little fist pumping in preparation for some Jersey Shore. Ok just kidding, we arent THAT weird. I seriously love that show, it is hilarious! Never a dull moment with those people, thats for sure.
I feel like we laugh through the whole show, which isnt really saying much for me because i laugh at everything but its definitely a bonding experience. For days and sadly even weeks after we quote our favorite parts. Whenever theres a minute of silence, someone would yell out "Taxi son aqui, son aqui" or in seans case, even when people were in mid conversation...We all would just burst out laughing. It was always a topic of conversation. Mom was feeling left out from all our inside joke Jersey Shore talk, she even watched it the next week, in her room of course. Yeah mom, i caught you, i knew-you dont have to be embarrassed. Haha just kidding mom.

We also liked to bond over other spiritually enriching shows such as Teen Mom...
Well i guess we really like our reality shows? Because we enjoy Real Housewives too. Well not the boys but thats okay. We love watching movies. I am always one to want to stay in and watch a good movie. Cards are another good one. We played cards almost every night on vacation. We usually do them on vacations or around the holidays. They're a particular favorite. Rummy, SkipBo and Uno were some favorites this time around. Oh and in coming home i introduced the family to apples to apples and they loved it.Well Rummy is for sure mine and megs favorite always but Shannon hates it. Theres always lots of laughing in our bonding time, some bickering but mainly laughing. Even in Utah, where i have to watch jersey shore by myself, the JS bonding is still a part of us. Today i told shannon i was at the gym and she was like GTL?
yeahhh girl, you know how i do. Miss our family bonding time

what can i say, i love me some vinny

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