Monday, August 22, 2011

Snape Snape Severus Snape

Harry Potter World.
coolest place everrrr, even the second time around
When you walk through it, you will honestly feel as though you stepped into the pages of one of J.K Rowlings masterpieces. It's so amazing. We ate food at the resteraunt in HP world, we drank butterbeer, shannon spent a ridiculous amount on a Harry Potter wardrobe, etc. I absolutely loved the ride in the castle because you feel as though youre playing quidditch.
Everyone loved it and we luckily had really good weather, besides the typical little Florida rainstorm.
As we got in the spirit of Harry Potter world, we bought these HP uno cards and i loved them. We played it all the time. Shannon and i even tried working with connor on who all the characters were and he loved it. He cried the whole day until he got his wand.

HAHAHA and in memory of it all, here ya go. Most people wont find this funny besides shannon. Everytime someone would put down a snape card i would sing snape snape severus snape and shannon would laugh and say i knew you were going to do that. But hey why just limit it to when were playing Uno? So i would randomly just sing it whenever i pleased.

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