Saturday, January 7, 2012

Time with Jules

is time well spent

sass about to give jules kisses
jules keeping my seat warm so we could watch a movie
connor wiping off one of jules sloppy kisses
haha he really was happy i promise..
i caught jules red handed pawed texting some friends on my phone...just look at that guilty little face
When i was home i get to meet my sisters sweet little pitbull mix. I adored her. I was the first person she came to when she wanted to play. Shannon didnt like how rough we played but i thought since Jules was a puppy she needed it. She only chewed my arm up a few times...Jules and Bella dont get along too well which isnt good but hopefully itll get better. I loved having jules around because she was a great distraction for the lose of dottie. She didnt replace her but it was nice not to feel so sad like we all did the first night i was home when i noticed and mentioned her absence.
yes i did enjoy playing gameboy...
this is one of my favorite pictures ever.

xoxo CAIT xoxo

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  1. love the pics of dottie lynn!!!! love your blog!!! love you!!!!