Monday, January 23, 2012


Found some things i love, thought i'd share:
Nautical Bracelets!- 
This website has the CUTEST bracelets. A little pricey but i love them.

Finding new music-
you ready for this? If youre a country fan you'll enjoy em/ok not all are necessarily new but they are music that i keep listening to:
Annies pistols-Hell on heels <---- lyrics are really funny
anything by Sunny Sweeney
Andy Griggs-you wont ever be lonely
Eric Church-Love your love the most
Edens Edge-Amen
Blackhawk-Every once in a while

This blog.
I havent gotten to really read everything but i'm obsessed. I love giraffes and polka dots so i obviously like the blog...sike but really cute stuff. Do check out, youll like.

Sleepovers and movie nights with Heather are the best where we are up til 330 in the morning just catching up on everything and anything. I love going on drives with Miranda and trying to see a movie but missing them all...haha. I love not feeling like a third wheel with Hayley and Clark because i adore them so much. I love making walmart runs with Corinne to get cookie dough and i love having institute with Sarah. I love when i get the sweetest nice notes ever. I love that Philip and Jared live so close and i got to see them after 2 years! I love that Jared is always texting me. I love that Jenny Chang talked to me forever at work the other day. I love running into Brooke on campus. I love having game night with Shey and Larisa. I love when my room mates are so willing to look for something for me when i'm not home (amelia & lauren). I love that Kurt said i'm amicable. (sp) I love that i ran into Dustin at the bank and after chatting i turned to walk away and he insisted on giving me a ride. Are you sure? Yeah its fine. No Dustin fine isnt good, say you want to give me a ride then if you mean it. Caitlin, i want to give you a ride! Ok, lets go...I love chats with Annalisa. I love that i met Alexis and how its such a small world that she works at the Sizzla in Sojo and knows Kaley. I would really love it if i could see Kaley soon ;) I love texts from MD friends.

For the Star Wars lover in your life:
i loved these & i dont even like star cute would these be as a gift?

Skin Care Tips.
If you dont get emails from Good Housekeeping you should. Not only is it cleaning stuff, its decorating, health, beauty and its really really good stuff. I learn really cheap and cute ideas. i love it

The Hunger Games comes out! The Lucky one comes out. The vow comes out. Beauty & the Beast is out.
These are exception movies where i would be willing to go on a date to see them...
breaking the original policy i know.

i have never had a smart phone until a month ago and i am obsessed. My pandora app is my favorite, i listen to it on the bus, in between classes, etc. I also like how convenient they are with the scriptures app, my asl or my translator app. I can practice anywhere. I want to look for a hymn book app. I have an iphone 4, not to be mistaken for a 4S because Siri is lame. I dont need to pay another $100 for my phone to talk to me, i already have enough friends. Thanks though. I honestly think it was the best investment in years. I never realized what i was missing out on. Now i will never be lost, or without music or without everything at my fingertips. And for the record, i havent dropped it once!

Cutest, easiest little craft ever
Jar, beads, ribbon, hot glue gun, and little accessories such as flowers or rhinestones and you have a great accessories for a dresser or makeup counter. Mom we should make this!

Smelling like cake.
Ya know my Vanilla Bean Noel lotion from Bath and Body works? Well i wear it every single day and now random cute boys sit next to me everywhere. Enowah told me i smell like cake. Clark told me i smell like cake. Trevor said i smell like...lucky charms? Well the overall consensus is it smells like cake. Enowah said he likes it as long as i dont wear it on fast Sunday because everyone will want to eat me...hahahaha. It has turned out to be a good conversation starter and every boy so far has loved it. Its on sale now at Bath and Body Works online. A lot of the holiday scents go up to 75% off after Christmas so if you can wait you can usually always get them online even if they arent in the stores. I learned this last year and then you can still get what you want but cheaper.

Being educated.
I dont like discussing politics, but i LOVE this. She is brilliant. Hopefully i dont offend anyone but this is perfection.
i enjoy this.

Being School Savvyy.
So i didnt buy a geology book this semester. Why? Because i didnt want to spend $60 on a rock book. My books are costing me an arm and a leg as it is but i found out the library had one textbook and it has worked out perfect. Some tips: after doing some research a lot of college libraries have textbooks they rent out. The difficulties are they are usually only 2-3 hours tops and it wont necessarily always be there when you need it but i recently learned (with my new smartphone!) that i can take pictures of the pages and with the iphone you can zoom in and read it perfect. It takes a couple minutes for the whole chapter and instead of doing it every week and having to wait for the book to be there i take pictures for the next couple weeks and then i dont have to take it out ever. I saved a bunch of money and now i have all the pictures saved so i can still study for midterms, etc. I recommend everyone checking into it for their books/classes because it has worked out so well for me.


Oh and i love that i get visitors in like 3 weeks!!! :))

xoxo CAIT xoxo

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