Saturday, January 7, 2012

Hello 2012

I guess you could say 2012 has started off pretty well.
New Years Eve consisted of time well spent with family- playing cards, eating & dancing it up on wii with the cousins. My kinda night. As much as i think its quite possibly the dumbest holiday...just another excuse for everyone to get wasted if you ask me, i do enjoy the time with family.

I have sadly returned to Utah but some good things have happened:
other than getting a call to schedule my study abroad interview (next tuesday @ 6!), having my manager tell me that she gets to keep 2 seasonal employees til the end of January and she chose me, seeing my missionary friends after 2 years and having my paycheck be a lot bigger than i thought i:
got a bunch of these coupons for practically free hot chocolate from work.YES.
oh and used some of that nice paycheck for some awesome steals! these were $1.50 for all three!
Forever 21 has the best and cheapest jewelry and I tend to buy pearls a lot because i always lose them...
the body shop also has TONS of sales going on. i got this bright orange loufa for $1 and the rasberry shower gel for $3. It smells amazing! They had all their holiday scents on sale as well and for the quality of their products i was thrilled.
I also got some plain black tights from Ross for $2.99. I have been searching for tights forever! I mean i found some at target and walmart for $8 but i was not okay with that so after some searching i found some pretty nice ones. They had lots of different colors as well. Gotta love Ross...
Oh and did you see the bedspread that all those fun things are sitting on? Ross, for $30 which sounds pricey but it is Tommy Hilfiger (LOVE) and i got bright yellow sheets to match. Along with these fabulous bargains, i got some not so great bargains that i had to have at the mall but we wont go into those today... :)
But i love ross, tj maxx, marshalls and fun stores like platos closet to find awesome deals.You have to do some digging sometimes but they have the cutest stuff for houses too!

I also saw that Footloose was playing at the dollar theatre and insisted on going that night! I intend to see it atleast 3 times, one down, two to go. Love that movie...

I also took this "artsy" photo of my new purse and for some reason i love it.
the ribbon is a signature caitlin touch since the Coach ones are like $ no.
and to improve myself i made some resolutions:
did you know if you write them down AND tell someone them you will be more likely to keep them?
I have so many things to look forward to in 2012 such as:
3 weeks-Tommy gets home
Park City?! in February when the fam visits
Spring Break in March & my many plans for it :)
Momma visiting in April for her spring break
i turn 21!! in may & i'm thinking NYC
may-austin comes home
SUMMER & my many more plans
etc etc etc.
So many opportunities, experiences, plans.
i can not wait, i am really excited about this year and doing everything i want. Taking chances and traveling-maybe even out of the country for the first time. Even writing this right now i'm getting excited. I mean who knows, maybe in 2013 i could be engaged or married so i'm gonna take advantage of this year and do everything i want now when i have the time. I hope you all have some big plans for 2012, the exciting thing is you dont have to rule anything out, so why not dream big :)

xoxo CAIT xoxo

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