Monday, January 23, 2012

My week in photos...

I have been too busy to blog! Thats when you know i'm pretty flippin busy because i absolutely love to blog, but as i sit in front of the Bachelor with a bowl of mac and cheese while its snowing outside i am perfectly content and decided to fit in some time to catch you all up. I thought some pictures would help:
Last sunday i got this nice note. When i first opened it i was like cool someone sent me a wrapper but then Hayley goes no theres a note too. Hahaha i love it. Ward prayer has been pretty fun lately, last sunday shey and i got to have a lovely little discussion? with a bunch of guys about girls and it was so funny. Somehow i got to be a part of the club (still dont really know what the club is all about...) haha and Shey got so mad and say why does caitlin get to be a member and Andrew goes "member? shes gonna be the coach!" So they made Shey be a guy and they all pretended to be girls and she had to pick one of them up. I LOVE when people do impressions and they all pretended to be on their phones and they actually did such a good job! I would love to have it on video because it was hysterical. Oh and we also got cupcakes :)
Last week was only the second week of school but it was crazy busy. On Wednesday i was in school all day, went straight to a dermotologist appt, got blood drawn, went to the gym, went to an ASL lab and ended with a planetatium lecture. I got home at 10 at night. The next day i was in school all day, then went straight to work from school, did another lab and was just sitting in my apartment doing homework when my best friend Heather walked in with some icecream. I was surprised because i had no idea she was coming over and she goes i just got this and i thought you would like it and it was so sweet. It was the highlight to my day because its been straight from school to work or finishing labs, etc. But i am doing really well and have gotten 100% on my first two asl quizzes. I love being on top of my classes. I want straight A's real bad but i have 4 tests this week so wish me luck...
Madre sent me this picture with a text saying "should we get her?" Oh my goodness. She was just teasing but i burst into tears when i saw this picture because she looks exactly like my dog who just died did as a puppy. I LOVE jack russels and she is precious. If i could have pets in my apartment i would have had to have her. I really want a puppy. Like really really. "A house isnt really a home without a dog."
I got some Yogurtland with Corinne! I have not been to yogurtland in over 2 months...prob more, i think the last time was when my parents were here actually. I love it. They had some new flavors-rootbeer float was one of them. I mixed some new ones this time and it was pretty good. Ending it with white chocolate chips, strawberries and reeses. Super healthy right?...haha they are the same toppings i get every time. I thought i'd splurge a little more this time since its been so long. We got Yogurtland and then took them into the dollar theatre and saw Jack and Jill and it was so funny. Well i mean at least to me...i was laughing at parts where everyone else was silent, i guess i really just like Adam Sandler. I mean it was kinda dumb though...
all i can say is dats right, made me laugh
hahaha i found the BEST websites about guys thoughts on girls, lotsa fun info, etc
Want the links? ;)

 I also got a GREAT deal on lucky charms, got to return a forever 21 shirt where earlier in the day they had told me i couldnt but Bristi got that hookup and now i have a $50 giftcard to forever. hollaa. havent really had time to eat (i know you see all the icecream above and roll your eyes but most days i barely had time to eat half the calories i was supposed to...whoops)

xoxo Cait xoxo

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