Wednesday, March 21, 2012

3A5T C0A5T livin'

was great. was hot. was on the east coast (aka home).

what did i do over my much needed spring break?
Went to the outlets. Ate at Nicobolis. went to the thrift stores in search of some old door knobs for a craft success. saw this means war with momma. (new favorite movie!!). went to red robin :). went to old town alexandria. went to lake elkhorn with the kiddies. went running. was surprisingly really indecisive...lost my claddagh ring down the sink :/ but then mom & dad got me a new one on St. Patricks day. caught up on my guilty pleasure Jersey shoree. went to tommys homecoming talk. went out to breakfast. had nay serve us at her work. enjoyed having doggies around again. shopped a lot. watched a lot of Harry Potter. got ritas. met shanes cute girlfriend-now we have two Caities. bakes my special cupcakes for the fam. I never forget about the water. One thing i miss living out here is the lack of water. I love the lakes, rivers, oceans, bays. Were pretty close to all of them.
I had a photo shoot with CJ. I was supposed to take family pictures for Meg but time flies so i guess we'll be doing it in May! I was dissapointed with my lack of picture taking but i did get a few great shots. I love taking pictures!! Really really wanna start a business someday
mom & dad are so good when i'm home and spoiled me far too much. I would look at something and they would get it for me. They took me out to eat and got me icecream even when i insisted we stay home and they made sure to send me back to school with much more than necessary. I am so blessed & i know it. I can honestly say no one has better parents than i do and if you saw how they are when i come home you'd agree. Love you both.

xoxo CAIT xoxo

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