Sunday, March 4, 2012

Alex Boye

one thing i love about UVU is the amazing devotionals. Every once in a while its hard for me to focus but we usually get pretty awesome people.This devotional was right up there with the John Bytheway devotional which is saying something because i LOVE him. I had never heard of this Alex Boye but when I told Hayley that he was going to be there she flipped out and then proceeded to show me youtube clip after clip and tell me his whole biography. Not gonna lie, still wasnt that stoked. However when Hayley told me she was going to be leaving work and coming with me i did get excited because i never see anyone i know at them (except sometimes my awesome VT!). She then brought along Danny and we all headed over. Danny called it a date so i said i would happily be the chaperone and he goes "no, youre on the date too..." Oh a polyigadate, lucky you! haha although i am pretty sure i spelled that wrong...irrelevent. When it began i instantly knew it was gonna be good. He was hilarious and had everyone intensely hanging onto every word. His accent made it easy for me to listen though, i love love love it. He talked about his love for american girls and was so animated the whole time i couldnt look away. If you ever have a chance to hear him speak or sing then i would take full advantage because he is absolutely amazing. He ended with
"God may not have a smart phone but i can always contact him, God may not have a facebook but he is still my friend and God may not have a twitter but i will still follow him."
This is so good! I may not have quoted this 100% accurate but its a lot like this. So amazing. And even better? Every Friday devotional ends with a munch & mingle. I may not do much of the mingling because i head over to do a lab but the munchins pretty good :)
xoxo CAIT xoxo

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