Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I believe in fate AND the hunger games

i am basically katniss...
Oh you didnt know? We do have a lot in common...
Well at midnight March 23 i saw the Hunger Games!!
And it was all it was cracked up to be. I was home so i totally forgot to get tickets. I searched everywhere for tickets to the midnight show and couldnt find a single one. I was devastated. And just like that God answered my prayers and a boy in my ward called me and asked if i wanted to go with him. FATE! Are you serious?! Yes! We headed up at 9 and stood in line. The time flew and it didnt seem like we waiting long at all. As soon as we got in the theater we had first choice of seats and they were perfect. I was SO EXCITED. Now i like to pretend i am the biggest fan ever...shh i mean i have read the books at least 10 times cause when you love a book, once is never enough...anyway i knew every little detail that was missed but it didnt bug me. I thought the it followed the books more than a movie has in a long time. The characters were perfect-specifically Caeser Flickermann who was perfect and Effie too. AHH. I recommend everyone see it but please read the books first! You get so much background information...The only thing i wish is that they showed Haymitch fall of the stage at the reaping haha and maybe more of the romance with Peeta because i love it and that little bread story. But i still give it a 100% Poor Gale broke my heart and is absolutely beautiful, the soundtrack was good, etc. Oh and on a side note, i really loved Peetas voice and Katniss' style. I would like to now take up archery also..
Verdict: A+
If you would like to see it oh 3 or 4 more times then hit me up, i'm down.
"May the odds be ever in your favor"

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