Sunday, March 4, 2012

How to spot a bro

One of the longest weekends of my life began on Friday afternoon (last Friday, yes i am behind, whoops). After sitting through all my classes and no offense, but the longest devotional ever i was able to go home. The Mickels called me and told me they wanted to hang out so i ran some errands with them and then they took me to dinner at Chilis. Straight from there i was dropped off at campus at 5:30 to decorate for the UVU dance/Circus Event that began at 9. LONG DAY. It was so much fun though and i met some awesome people, no but really everyone is SO nice.
so tight right?
With everyones help it didnt even take that long to do.
So Hayley and i were asked to basically be bouncers. Yes, 5'4 me. But i would just like to say i think i did a superb job. We thought it would be fun and were like sure, whatever we could do to help Morgs. One of the ladies in charge told me that she liked me because i wasnt afraid to tell people to go back or ask to see their wrist band, etc. (Also sad because i'm usually way good with names and i've met all these people at the Halloween dance but i cant ever remember anyones names or what their position on UVUSA is).It definitely got overwhelming because people werent listening and they were acting like holding up their wrist was such a hassle. My apologies.."Oh here come the bros (mimicking them) lets get the vivent ids out.."
Hahaha Tyler is quite possibly the funniest person. I wanted him to stand next to me all night. This line had me laughing for a while, i even laughed when i was typing it just now.

The bros are in V-necks usually three sizes too small...
You can smell a bro from at least a block away, smells good momentarily and then you have a headache
the bros have their head on a swivel to watch everyone watch them as they come in and to scope out the "finest girls"
the bros usually have more bling than any girl
the bros have some sort of sales accesories- i.e. a vivent layard, hat, etc
bros have a bro haircut. this isnt even worth explaining, you know it when you see it...
If none of this is help enough here you go, some visual aids:

uh wrong picture, i meant...
but really this although in all fairness the provo/orem guys were MUCH more attractive...
Basically the beautiful boys stick together because they started arriving in their bro packs and we would have to walk them to the atm. I took a group down and as i'm coming back three of the "bros" are walking by. I ask to see their wrists and they nod at me, wave, "hey girl" and keep walking. This has to be a joke, i pause and turn around to see if i have this right. Just because you are on the attractive side you are above the rules? I dont think so. This was an ongoing occurence. It was bro city that night. I would watch them hit on anything and everything. One boy even tried to offer me and the group of girls i was with gum to socialize. I guess the sickness had started to kick in at this point, the hunger for real food or tiredness because I just looked at him, smiled and took two huge steps to the right. Normally i am not so skeptical or unpleasant but the combination from above just made me over it all. "Oh dang dis girl be dissin me, you aint interested, you got a man o what?" Well right now i dont even know what youre talking about, please repeat that in English... You are probably intoxicated like half of the people here and youre annoying. Sorry. All night i got to experience this. Boys asking if i wanted their number (well this is new...), boys with their sunglasses on not only at night but inside...and the overbearing smell of too much cologne. I think its safe to say i'm over the bro phase. The dance ended at 2am and we had to clean up. I have never been so grateful to climb into bed. There was one good part of the night though, i met a really- i'll use the word intriguing or even fascinating person :) Maybe youll get to here about him later..
You may be thinking-
If youre a bro. Well sorry, i'm not sorry. The truth had to come out.
xoxo CAIT xoxo

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  1. haha! I loveee the picture mix-up! you are so funny caitlin :)