Wednesday, March 28, 2012

"If ye are prepared ye shall have no fear"

This scripture is in my head permanently. I quote it the most for sure. But we have been asked to get ready for conference and i'm trying to get in the mindset. Starting off on Friday when i had the opportunity to see Hilary Weeks give a devotional on campus. Let me first say she is amazing and she is hilarious and i want to be just like her. She talked about this experiment she did and how the average person has 300! negative thoughts a day. A person has 65,000 thoughts a day while an athlete only has 15,000 (not because they are stupid) but because they are so focused. So she did an experiment where she bought a clicker and calculated her negative thoughts in a day and she was so funny talking about how she didnt take it to church bc what was she gonna do click it once for every time the family in front of her dropped a cheerio?

"Oh dont worry, i only clicked you for the ones that were then smushed into the carpet"
She said she then changed it to keep track of her positive thoughts because those are what we should be focusing on and by the end of the week she was amazed. Her whole outlook had changed, she was happier and feeling more blessed. I felt so inspired and really want to do this in my life. She is such a wonderful person.

"Your thoughts more than anything else will be the determining factor in what you accomplish during your life"

She told us that she went through all of 1st and 2nd Nephi and highlighted all the positive things Nephi said and when she needs a a pick me up she just goes through and reads the things in yellow. Such a neat idea!
Feeling on a spiritual high i left content from the devotional and the brownie in my right hand :)
AHHH just some cool thoughts i wanted to share

For some great music to get you ready check out Julie De Azevedo-pray for rain ( & all others!)
xoxo CAIT xoxo

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