Tuesday, August 21, 2012

boys of the summerrrr.

Mr persistant
Who says persistance doesnt pay off? Well they havent met you yet. Our relationship started like this:
"where were you raised? why dont you have manners.."" oh i'm sorry, i wasnt aware you were a manager" "dont talk to me" "i am not your girlfriend" "i dont like it when you talk to me like that" Sounds uh..promising...right? Needless to say, it wasnt love at first sight. However you, like many things, have somehow managed to grow on me. From the second i started working there he told me how beautiful i was and how much he liked me. Nah. I'm not really feeling you boo, sorry. Every shift he would try and try to talk to me. He would help carry the ice buckets when it was my side work and pull back my food and smile when i tried to grab it. As the summer went on we got closer and he would play with my hair [he lovess it] and sweet talk me in spanish. He eventually pulled out the big guns and brought his puppy to work for me to play with. He won big brownie points there. Then he started kissing me. Uh yes, kissing me...and it wasnt reciprocated. He would act like he was hugging me and then he'd kiss me. And then i punched him. Yep. He however wasnt deterred by the physical abuse and kept trying. Our most recent conversation went like this: "you dont even know me, tell me something about myself" [i like to play this game a lot- see how much the boys pay attention] "whats my favorite food" "chinese food right?" "...maybe""see i listen to everything you say- ask me something else" "oh and you want a big ring [motions to the ring finger]" i start laughing hysterically "and you dont like kids" [laughter stops] "WHAT!...yes i do" I like a lot of things about you- like when you wear your hat backwards, how you look so good in a white button up, your dumb grin that you do when you stick your tongue out, how you asked me to show you how to say i love you in ASL and then you would sign it to me everytime you saw me and that you got mad when i told your dog to sit in english bc "shes only learning spanish" haha, how you tell me to learn to open my heart when i go to school. You do have a bit of a hot head, and a jealous streak. When i would go to the back he would put his arm around me and walk me back up and tell me not to talk to other guys. Then he would tell other guys i was only his. Making him jealous was really easy. The fact that you didnt take no for an answer and kept trying all summer made me kinda "enjoy you." On my last day he said bye before everyone and then waited outside so he could say bye just him and i. cute :)
Mr "that was a compliment"
Tall, dark and...spacey?
yes. We started off as friends and ended as...friends. However, i dont think you got the memo. You have this thing with my smile and yours is kinda cute too. "your smile could make anyones day" "you are always smiling" "that smile keeps me going" etc. I would wake up to text messages saying "good morning beautiful."As cute as that/you are you dont seem all there sometimes...i could share countless stories of you being a "space cadet" but that just wouldnt be nice- so ill just share one. "You know what i first noticed about you? that smile of yours- i love it. You know what i noticed second? that big beautiful head of yours[said as he's stroking my head]. Well i guess its no surprise that i was no longer smiling. "UM EXCUSE ME?" [ here is me generously giving him time to rethink the previous statement or add a just kidding girl] To my surprise and his stupidity he does neither. "No i really love it, that was a compliment."I leaned a little closer to try and find some humor in this and he is dead serious.As i retold and retold this story to all our mutual friends they found this absolutely hilarious and told me thats how he is. Oh the type of guy that doesnt know how to talk to a girl. You should hear some of the things that come out of his mouth. They shock me. He still wont retract that statement to this day, yet he still manages to ask me on a date. But i'm sorry, i cant. I am to busy having a complex over my big head, i mean i may need to get therapy at some point because of you. If we went on a date i'd probably just be so concerned on whether my head would fit through the door.
 Mr get back, you dont know me like that
Remember when you were new and i loved looking at your dimples? I would tell you how much i liked them and you would look down and get so nervous. So what did i do? Kept doing it of course- it was too cute. Getting you to speak was really hard but i am proud to say challenge conquered. Now i cant get you to stop talking. You asked me on a date the second day. I said maybe. As i got off work you were waiting for me in your car. You kept talking and all i kept thinking about was how tired i was and standing in the middle of a parking lot was quite possibly dead last on things i wanted to be doing right now. You asked me for my number and i somehow managed to avoid doing so. I dont know why since youre cute- i just didnt want to. Next time i saw you, you were mad. [whats new] Claiming i play too many games and i need to respect you by not talking to anyone else. Um i'm sorry, when did we decide that we were uh dating?? Thats right, we didnt. You say that we need to talk. Isnt this a phrase used when breaking up? Let me remind you once more, me not your girlfriend.. i just have a lot of pretty boys that i call friends. please get that song reference.. As i walk[after a double-not really feeling a DTR] you are waiting for me across the parking lot in your car. What do i do? Pretend i'm on the phone and basically start running to my car. You pull up beside me as i'm pulling out and i am embarrassed to say i pretended not to see you. I know i know. This was probably mean but i just couldnt do it guys. I'm sorry. So obv hes mad next time he sees me. "just because youre beautiful doesnt mean you can play games." what! since when...i apologize and the next day he asks me out again. I am sensing a pattern here...

theres also mr. uh my family has been there and done that...and it didnt end so well the first time along with mr. well this is definitely over, mr. hes got a girlfriend now...ok not really
but summers over and so is my time with the summer boys so in the words of ron, "onto the next."
love this song- even though its not the original and well, hes no don henley
xoxo Cait xoxo

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