Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Bye Daves!

i had my last day at Daves on Saturday night. It was actually pretty sad, i'm not gonna lie. i have met some awesome people, gained a new vocabulary and learned more than i need to know. for a summer job, it was top notch. you might be at FD if:

every sentence ends in yo.
"you get that table yo?"
"i got you yo"
or begins in yo...
"yo you see that girl at 24"
"yo that party last night..."

swag is referred to 24/7

there are a bunch of "space cadets"

jerell is mimicking cook tony "anything for you kathy" and its the funniest thing ever

you hear someone say "i dont wanna pull a micah"

a spilled drink sits on the floor for a good hour

chris is complaining...or spilling sauce all over the sauce wall or worse,
giving his money to the customers

you hear the best laugh ever and know courtnees working

your english starts to significantly deteriorate and your manager tells you that you've been working here too long 

Nirans back is being referred to...by me. dang

someone is being sexually harassed...and enjoying it

you need to learn the english translation for dame un beso real quick

"lexie" is claiming that ron had a thing for her and was flirting with her and everyone is laughing hysterically

the ice is never full

the manager is yelling at the boys to not "corrupt her caitlin"

you lose your deformed pig name tag and have to pay $2 for a new one...

nick is offending me and receiving the silent treatment

you hear the word jawn several times and you still have no idea what the heck it means and youre pretty sure that is not the correct spelling...

you get made fun of for saying phrases like "holy cow" "oh my heck" etc

you have new sayings "i'm weeded right now" "i'm over it"

a customer has eaten almost all their food and then complains for something different...

ricky is calling one of his tables homegirl and they arent usually taking it well and then you really want to say homegirl to one of yours but you dont wanna get beat up & well lets be real, you arent as cool as ricky

dashi, tiff and i are claiming that we are cousins...cause we are...

everyone is laughing at the crazy things ron does or says...
i.e- "can i dunk on you" in context or he is doing odd things with the soda machine..

boys are spitting game at everyone and anyone

it is month 3 and i still dont know what sauce to dump...oh well

its that time of the month for oscar and hes being bipolar again
but you still love him

jersey mikes is a dinner staple

amber says something like this "but caitlin, he cant buy you a michael kors rose gold watch from Nordstroms for Christmas now can he?" hahaha and you know that you two are the same person and if you werent going back to school the two of you would be best friends. we still will be!

the boys are making fun of eachother, arguing over sports, debating about "whose better at football"
or something else that you have no interest in..well minus the sports part

tony is eating...
and eating some more

marcus is asking that you only refer to him as Dr. Jones.

steve is singing- and 99.9% of the time its call me maybe
and its okay because i love steves voice and the way he says "you already know"
so honor of my big teddy bear "polar bear"
i love every single person there and only have nice things to say about everyone. i didnt go a single shift without laughing at something someone said or did. my manager told me whenever i come home i have a job and i am so happy. i cant wait to see all these faces again at christmas time.
xoxo Famous Caitlin xoxo

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