Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Sometimes you tell your best friend youve lost weight and you receive a text saying "i could tell you were skinnier through that text!
" Sometimes your dad wakes you up and tells you hes made breakfast and you realize you'd be okay if you were made breakfast every single morning for the rest of your life. Sometimes i get $80 abercrombie jeans on sale for $8. NO JOKE. and sometimes i love them and wear them to work and sometimes my manager is not happy but loves me so much she just lets me wear them even though sometimes they have holes. Sometimes i realize i am not very forgiving when it comes to receeding hairlines or settling.
Sometimes i write you on your mission and you write back and then sometimes you come home thinking youre too cool for school and then consequently sometimes i improve myself and dont plan on giving you the time of day. Sometimes i have dreams about people and i just have to tell them even though we arent even that good of friends but i just gotta so sometimes i text you telling you i had a dream that you were gonna get in the NBA because sometimes if you do i want you to know im psychic and i want my own show on TLC.
 Sometimes you are so lonely when youre family is out of town for almost two weeks that you find yourself talking to your dog and sometimes you ask her if she thinks you look skinny and then she walks away. And sometimes that is not a good sign. Sometimes the two of you are best friends until you come home from work one day and she has torn up the basement carpet.#enemies...Sometimes i want to delete girls on fb when they say they ate dog once because what kind of person eats dog?! Sometimes your sister tells you that when she was watching Lifes a Tripp that she thinks you look a lot like Bristol and you LOVE that because you love Bristol. Sometimes a cute guy at work who speaks practically no English asks you on a date to Macaroni Grill and you have to say no because sometimes i dont like to be mean to boys at work so sometimes i tell them all i'm their girlfriend...whoops.
 Sometimes you are the only person in DSW who is trying on boots in the middle of July and sometimes you dont even care. And to even worsen this boot addiction sometimes you order 4 pair of boots in the middle of July because you want the cutest fall wardrobe possible. Sometimes you go to Nordys because they are having a semi annual sale and you almost have a heart attack in the shoe department and then sometimes a girl swoops in and picks up the LAST PAIR of neon yellow nike running shoes that clearly had your name on them and then sometimes she also takes the last white northface in your size too and sometimes you seriously think about following her to the parking lot because if this was a movie you would have had a knock down dragout over a pair of shoes in the middle of Nordstroms. But sometimes you just end up getting over it because at least the girl has good taste right? Sometimes you ask your sister how many calories are in her chicken and rice and your 4 year old nephew responds with "mm 4 or 5.." If only...
Sometimes your cousin gets his mission call to San Diego California and you are so thrilled for him!! And sometimes he leaves on Halloween and you know he is going to be great. Sometimes you find yourself saying "i enjoy this ribbon or i enjoy that" and your mom thinks its such a funny phrase. Sometimes i go through food phases and sometimes the latest one is chocolate milk and anything that needs syrup...sometimes you wonder if you could write a diet book with that. Sometimes i go on and on about how skinny bella looks and she feels great but then she gets fat again. #poordog. Sometimes i like to make up my own words to songs and sing them to my dogs....hahaha esp that cher lloyd one and they love it. Sometimes i secretly love when boys compliment my hair and then sometimes its not so secret anymore. Sometimes I find out i missed out on National cheesecake day and Luke Bryans birthday and now you are feeling slighted by missing two opportunities to throw a party...So sometimes you feel terrible so here ya go Luke, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
xoxo CAIT xoxo

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