Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Bright Lights, Big City [has gone to my babys head]

"look at all these tourists..." -said with disgust
"caitlin...WE are tourists."
oh. right. Sometimes i forget that i am not Blair Waldorf and dont live in NYC.
this is news to me...
If you want to look like a New Yorker:
Dont wait until the cross walk says go, when you see a taxi speeding your way that is obviously the appropriate time to walk across the street because in a city so into fashion and style, nothing says style more than a full body cast. I'm sure she'd just add a michael kors bag and some kate spade earrings and turn it into a trend. You would be surprised how "normal" this is. The New Yorkers strolled across while the tourists patiently waited. After freaking out that mom and nay not cross until allowed, by the end of the day i was acting just as suicidal...I mean when in New York...
[i LOVE this]
Dont walk your dog, Carry them.
I had a count on how many people were carrying their dogs vs. actually walking them and it was hilarious. Dogs are accessories...obv. Luckily we didnt see any images like the one below because that would be pretty traumatazing...for the dog
Dont turn your head in concern when you hear constant honking or sirens. this is normal.
headphones, blackberry and head down or looking straight ahead like you are on the most important mission of your life.
all hes missing is the starbucks....which is on every corner in NYC
dont get stuck in the subway turn thingy. i dont think people know that the subway tickets can get kinda confusing...uh thats because they arent. i got stuck on the other side while mom and nay waited happily because our card was double swiped. i could feel the tourist stamp burning on my forehead, it was practically glowing. just dont do this.. instead always go first
we however did not have the pleasure of seeing this. thank goodness or you wouldnt have gotten me on one again. #canyousaynightmares.
well goodluck. Next time youre in the city grab a starbucks, eat at a cafe that opens on the street or is on the street and enjoy it because i am extremely jealous.
i miss you already.
xoxo Cait xoxo

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