Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Baby Bray

I woke up at 5:30 today and headed over to Megs to stay with the babies while they headed to the hospital to get induced. I got to go back to bed for about 2 hours until i awoke to Cassady calling for daddy on the monitor. I stumbled out of bed and into her room and shes silent. Then out of her 2 year old little mouth comes "oh, its you." How could i not laugh? Once both of the munchkins were up we went down to our "special breakfast" of donuts!
 [since it was baby brays birthday]
[[SO happy]]
After breakfast we watched cartoons as i got them ready.
brushing teeth, getting dressed, doing hair, etc
playing mommy for a day isnt easy! Babies first then you. but by then theres no time for you.
After that we headed to the hospital to meet this angel
Carrigan Bray Mcgovern
7lbs on the dot.
Do you think shes irish or what? However in all honesty I am not in love with the name Carrigan. To me she is Bray and Megs is all for it so good because thats the only thing i plan on calling her...I am so in love with her!! When we walked into the room she wasnt there so we had to wait for her. When she came in i was dying. I got to be the first person to hold her too :)! Shes the tiniest little thing ever. I LOVE tiny babies. I know some people are all for the chubby babies but i am not one of them and i can be biased because i was one of those huge babies so i dont feel bad saying it.
uh we will not even discuss how huge i was as a baby...
CJ is so in love with her already. He was so great when Cassady was born and even better now that hes gotten older. He kept wanting to hold her and he even tried to get me to put her on the ground to see if she would walk to him. After pappaw told him she wouldnt be walking for a while he responded with "well lets just see." haha Cassady however acted scared of her and wouldnt hold her. She was always aware of where Bray was in the room though. On the way to the hospital the second time [later in the day] i ask them if they were excited to see Bray and ask Cassady if she was gonna hold her. Cassady said "i no hold her." and got upset so i dropped it. Later i overhear this conversation in the back. "Cass you be nice to our baby. You have to hold her and you kiss her and love her." He went on for a bit telling Cass proper ettiquette for their new sister. Cass responds with "okay bubba."
When Cass went in the second time she held her and kissed her and loved her.
I plan on spending every second possible with her that i can before i head off to school again. As soon as i said it out loud that i was leaving so soon i burst into tears which then led mom and dad to also. I am so sad about it. But we still have lots to look forward to- like little brays photoshoot on Sunday. Expect to see a lot more pictures of her...

xoxo a very proud aunt xoxo

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