Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Date Night

I love date nights & well, dressing up for date nights.  Although in all honesty I try to dress up everyday but dates usually call for a little heel and maybe some tights. My favorite part of this outfit was the tights- because at $3.46 and FREE shipping you really can't beat them. I have tons of tights but mine always get tears or things and these babies have yet to fall apart. They do take about two weeks to get to you but they are pretty great! The bubble necklace is $7.99 FREE shipping also. I love to shop but even better is getting really cute stuff for cheap. A lot of the bloggers I follow post the CUTEST stuff but $500 for a pair of shoes isnt really realistic and they arent budgets for the everyday girl so heres an affordable yet cute (if you ask Lyle) outfit. This outfit was super comfy too, surprisingly even the shoes. 
Tights: Ebay Statement/bubble necklace: Ebay...shocker Jacket: old from Charlottes Russe but similar styles here & here Dress: old from Ross similar here or splurge here Booties: old from Charlottes Russe similar here

I picked a little bit more modest dresses but they also have way cute cheaper black dresses at Forever 21 or Charlottes russe. The booties were a little bit harder to find but mine are suede and the Urban Outfitter ones are way cute, though a little less fancy- Enjoy your date nights ladies!!

xoxo Cait xoxo

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