Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A touch of Glam

A couple apologies before I start:
1. Sorry this impromptu photo shoot was taken in our lovely kitchen...kind of lame & weird but I decided I wanted to do a blog post of it last minute and it was dark so we improvised... Wont happen again 2. Sorry I was supposed to get this blog on over the weekend but I have been pretty sick the past two weeks- with a sinus infection...who knew those were so terrible? Anyway I've been sleeping a lot and after two weeks of not really cleaning or doing school I had a lot of catching up to do. But now that thats out of the way...

Glam to me is gold, red, sparkle, bling, fancy & confidence. I like the motto less is more because even though this outfit was very simple and some may not think glam right off the bat, I do. It doesn't necessarily mean your outfit has to come right off the red carpet but rather some curls, a red lipstick, black and glitter nails, touches of gold and some killer shoes. My "killer shoes" are my newest christmas present from mom and dad. You better believe I got them on sale...for all you Marylanders Arundel Mills has a Vince Camuto store and these babies were only about $50? because the whole store was 30-40% off. These shoes are the best and I always get compliments on them and they are not even uncomfortable in the slightest. I curl my hair when I wanna feel glam & add some lipstick. Most guys seem to love the red lipstick except my dad who thinks it looks "terrible." Honesty is the best policy right? The tip with red lipstick is not do to the rest of your makeup crazy when you do it- simple eyes if you wear it or else its just way too much. And if you aren't used to wearing lipstick- make sure you put chapstick on first or your lipstick wont look smooth and blot it a bit with tissues if its too dark for you- I still do this because I don't like it too harsh. Theres so many different colors to play around with- try heading to sephora and a makeup artist will help you find the right color for you.

When it comes to this blazer I LOVE IT. I have searched for the perfect blazer for a long time and this one was on sale for $10!! I suggest trying on blazers before buying them because they always fit different at least for me... Forever 21 usually has a bunch of cute ones if you're looking and I highly suggest you do. Dress an outfit up for work or even wear it casual-blazers have always screamed classy glam to me, hence me wanting one for so long. I seriously fell in love with this simple look- sometimes its nice to do up your hair and makeup and let that make the statement. 
Booties: Vince Camuto Tank top: Target (and i wear it ALL the time) Blazer: Nest on Main in Springville Necklace: Franchescas similar style here

Have fun playing around with your own look-from hair to makeup & see how you can make that the focus point rather than your outfit.
xoxo CAIT xoxo

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