Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Hand Me Downs

Do you know whats better than a pair of Frye boots? A pair of FREE Frye boots. These babies were my dads and when I went home at Christmas I told him about how I was looking at a few pairs. One day he came downstairs all excited and showed me these. He was so nice and cute about it and told me they just needed a good cleaning and I could have them. In all honesty I wasn't too thrilled about them at first. But after a couple wears they fit perfect and started to grow on me and I knew I could make them work. They were pretty unique in color and I loved that they were 30 or so years old. Sometimes its fun to have a statement piece and plan the rest of your outfit around it. I tend to do this a lot with shoes and I did that with these boots. I love vintage hand me down clothes. My grandmother has given me some old belts and costume jewelry and its so fun to wear. Just because something is old doesn't mean you can't give it new life! It inspired me to look through some of my old things and if you live near your parents, grandparents, etc maybe they have some old things they don't wear anymore and they wouldn't mind parting with. Even if initially you don't like it you would be surprised with what you can do with something. Don't let the fact that it belonged to a guy stop you either. Have an open mind here! I bet you guys will come up with some awesome ways to wear old pieces. Clothes and pieces from the past usually come back into style anyway. 

Oh also, this jacket is the best thing ever. I got it at Forever 21 for 40% off! All their outerwear is on sale right now and they have some way cute stuff. Its super comfy and I love the way I feel in it. 
Jacket: Forever 21 in select stores similar here Jeans: Abercrombie and Fitch Oxford shirt: J. Crew Factory Chain Link Necklace: Forever 21 you can barely see similar here or for something cheaper maybe check your local H&M as well Gold Paved Bracelet: similar here and it comes in many colors OR you could type in gold paved bracelet in on Ebay and get it for $20 like I did! Frye Boots: Old similar was hard to find but heres one based off color not style here
If you all find anything cool going through some old stuff I would love to hear about it! Or you could try some thrift stores or flea markets, they actually have some cool pieces! I wish we had some good ones out here, Maryland has a lot of good ones!
xoxo Cait xoxo

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  1. Cute outfit! I love those boots. My sister has a pair of Frye boots and I'm super jealous. They seriously look great with everything. Thanks for sharing!